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Bogey Teams

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Going back to earlier CM days I have always felt there are some bogey teams in built within the game. 

Over long careers 15-28 season saves i always struggle against the same teams. With Celtic the games against Dundee were always close, with Liverpool last year West Ham were very awkward opposition. With Porto it was always Belensis (SP) This year Darmstadt are my nemesis with Bayern. 

Now if this was only the first couple of times I play the team then I would put this down to my tactic, their tactic or as a result of playing staff from either team. However I continue to struggle against that particular team even later on in saves when different tactics are used by both teams and after that team has been relegated etc. 

These games seem artificially close with offside goals, missed penalties and super goalies coming into play. 

Anyone else notice similar?

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Definitely testing both my tactics in saves with both Arsenal and Liverpool it was always Newcastle and Leicester that gave me grief, no matter the amount of shots i had they always managed to steel a draw/win or come out and hammer my team that beat the likes of City, Chelsea and United the week before  

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