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AlexTrime's 4-3-3 (False 9)/4-1-2-2-1 Tactic (EME)

The Overview

  • If coincidentally there was a similar/same tactic, I had not taken that tactic to twerk and used it as my own. I was inspired by Barcelona's 4-3-3 False 9 tactic combined with game guides provided in the game. I had not reviewed any resources provided by other great players here when this tactic was created
  • This tactic had only been tried on Enhanced Engine and not Original Engine, Feel free to test my tactic on OME, and post the results of your team here! 
  • This tactic had only been tested on Sporting (Portugal) only, feel free to test my tactic on other clubs and feel free to post the results of your team here!
  • This tactic had been my first tactic that i ever created on my own. As previously i tried just throwing tactics posted by other great players and going on holiday hoping for good results but nah, it went haywire.
  • I have only simulated each & every game. Neither had i went on a holiday, nor had i save & reload the game just for the win. It spoils the fun.
  • I will document a very detailed guide full of explanation & pictures for better understanding. It might be a very long guide, bear with me for a moment.
  • This tactic brought me average results in Portugal Premier League, League Cup Finalist, Winner of Taca de Portugal Cup & Semi-Finalist for UEFA Champions League (I didn't expect it to bring me such success, i shall keep you in suspense first)
  • Do not hesitate to correct me if there are mistakes or if you had a better improvised variation of my tactic, please let me know :)
  • Always looking for tactic-testers
  • Lets begin, Shall we? :)

The Formation & Player Roles Explanation!



  • Wing Backs + Inside Forward

Inside Forward aim to cut inside from the flank and run directly at the center of the opposition's defense, by doing that, It will leave the flank exposed to exploitation by the opposition's flank! Hence the Wing Back will overlap higher up the pitch by the flank to fulfill attacking & defensive duties of both a winger + a full back.



  • Central Defenders

In Sporting (Portugal), there are plentiful of Central Defenders & Limited Defenders, hence i see no purpose yet in utilizing Ball Playing Defenders for now (If i do, i will utilize a Ball Playing Defender + Central Defender Combination, which i did in my 2nd season)


  • Deep Lying Playmaker (Defensive Midfielder Position)

I find the Deep Lying Playmaker is the best role suitable for Defensive Midfielder position. As Deep Lying Playmaker operates in space between defense & Midfield (Which meant Defensive Midfielder position) and aims to initiate attacking moves via pinpoint passes to players positioned higher up the pitch. The reason not choosing Central Midfielder is because, it provides link between defense & attack (Best Position: Central Midfielder). Reason not choosing Ball Winning Midfielder is because, the main function of Ball Winning Midfielder is to close down the opposition and win the ball (Best Position: Central Midfielder, able to win the ball earlier up the field than being in defensive midfielder position) and lastly reason not choosing Box To Box Midfielder is because it had to contribute greatly to both defense and attack (Best Position: Central Midfielder).56da76504cc9d_Screenshot_2016-03-05-14-0

  • Ball Winning Midfielder (Central Midfielder Position)

Reason i chose Ball Winning Midfielder is that i would like to quickly get the ball back from the opposition before they could be a threat to us. Which Ball Winning Midfielder main function is to close down the opposition and win the ball and keep hold of possession for our team. As this saying goes, as long as the opponents do not get the ball, We have a greater chance of winning (I have several cases of winning unexpected matches, which i will post later in the results column)56da773452c1a_Screenshot_2016-03-05-14-0

  • Advanced Playmaker (Central Midfield Position)

With so many defensive players (Deep Lying Midfielder, Ball Winning Midfielder, Central Defender, Wing Backs (When defending)), Advanced Playmaker aims to drop into holes between opposition Midfield & Defense to make himself available for passes which we need Advanced Playmaker to create chances for our team or go for goal by turning them into attack


  • Advanced Forward

Reason why i chose my lone striker to be an advanced forward is because the main role of an advanced forward is to lead the line and spearhead attacking moves with main duty to score & create goals for the team. (I have no idea if this is true, but i was told/read online that advanced forward is the hybrid of Poacher + Target Man)


Team Instructions



  • Attacking is the best way of defending. With additional layer of fortress provided by our defensive-minded players!
  • Short! Why? Passing the ball to your nearest team-mate reduces the risk of losing possession and i consider 4-3-3 to be a short-passing tactic where every team-mate are close to each other.
  • Passing focus. Centre. Our Center have a pretty solid Midfield but when losing sometimes, i will change to both flanks because Sporting (Portugal) have pretty solid Winger/Inside-Forward
  • Goalkeeper Distribution, Short once again. Long Passes poses risk of losing possession.
  • Tackling: Normal. We have a Ball Winning Midfield who is aggressive in natural, hence we do not want to risk getting yellow/red card for putting committed in tackling
  • Pressing! Pressure the opponent into making mistakes and getting the ball back!


  • Portuguese Premier League (4th Position, 16 Win, 10 Draw & 8 lost, I would say not a bad result for someone like me who just started testing our the tactics they created)


  • Goals! Assist! Player of the Match! Goals Conceded!










Surprises! (Both Win/Loses are included)!

  • V.S S.L Benfica (Benfica being the favourite to win the Supertaca, yet i managed to push them till extra time before losing when they scored the winning goal at 105th minute)


  • Heavy Lost to FC Porto (I heard that at this point of time, teams started adjusting to your tactic and counter it, but all i did was change passing focus from center to both flanks and it worked for me for the rest of the season)


  • Lost narrowly to favourites Manchester City 2-3 as they scored their winning goal @ 86th minute but i believe my team performed better in stats but not goals on target was inferior


  • Took on Manchester City once again and won 2-1! We deserved it! Much more superior! Much Better Stat! They were lucky that time! and their only goal came from a penalty.


  • Won S.L Benfica in taca de Portugal Quarter Final 2-1 into extra time, although i won by penalty, their only goal also came from penalty, which i could say my team deserve that win!


  • Champions League 1st Round Against AS Monaco. Lost 0-1 to AS Monaco in the 1st leg but managed to win the 2nd leg by 3-1 which my team won by aggregate score of 3-2 and proceed on to Champions League Quarter Final



  • Champions League Quarter Final Against Chelsea. Lost to Chelsea in first leg 1-2. But managed to thrash them 5-2 in the second leg, guaranteeing my team a ticket to the Semi Final Clash Against Barcelona of an aggregate score of 6-4!



  • Lost 2-3 to favorite F.C Porto in the Portuguese League Cup in extra time by their winning goal @ the 96th minute. However i believe my team performed better in possession, Shots, Shots on targets! But luck wasn't on our side or their goalkeeper was on form that day :(


  • Lost narrowly to a superior Barcelona 0-1 in the Semi final 1st leg of Champions league but the impossible happened! How on Earth did i get more possession than the possession dominant Barcelona :). Drew 1-1 with yet another Superior Barcelona with Neymar being the scorer of the draw. If only my team scored another goal. We might get away with 2-2 Aggregate and win them by away goals! Although we were out of the champions league. It was really a surprise to make this far, with the likes of Chelsea, Barcelona.


  • Although with many highs. I only managed to win one silverware and made unbelievable progress to the final for the other silverware that was available. I won the Taca de Portugal Final 2-1 against Moreirense which mark the end of my season.


My Star Players & Cheap Gems for Big Clubs! (In Progress) & The Players i brought


I have made up my mind to compare my players from the start till the end of this campaign. To see how much they grow/shrink due to aging issues



































Edited by AlexTrime
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Reserved for my 2nd Season Twerked. Game play in progress. Seems to work even better than Season 1 although not in Champions League

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You know the INF's both don't cut inside as there is a central striker, check out the explanation of IF's on the tactic page, letting you know as you obviously spent a lot of time on this

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On Saturday, March 05, 2016 at 05:17, DaB said:

You know the INF's both don't cut inside as there is a central striker, check out the explanation of IF's on the tactic page, letting you know as you obviously spent a lot of time on this

They do now! 

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