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Goalkeeper Discussion - Consistency vs Stats

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I bought this young Italian goalkeeper when my team were in the Championship (I think I paid 1.2M for him - a club record - and the board collectively raised their eyebrows at me for paying so much for a 16 year old). I was pretty sure he was Buffon's regen, but using iScout to look at his PA reveals that no, he is not (his PA is only 145). It does however reveal his hidden stats: 19 Consistency, 20 Important Matches, and 21 Workrate. These stats are incredible and it shows to me that he'd hardly ever let me down; just what a good team needs between the sticks!

My question to everyone is: is it better to have a goalkeeper with decent-but-average stats, with insane consistency, or a goalkeeper with world-class stats, but all the consistency of Sergio Romero? Obviously it's better to have both (like De Gea), but if you had to chose either-or?

This guy still has 22 ability points until he reaches his 145 PA, and I'm planning to use him as my long-term goalkeeper. I haven't used him in any matches yet as he's too young, so he's been loaned out for the last two seasons, but his last loan (back to his first club, Cesena) was hugely successful - something like 42 conceded in 40 matches, and nearly an 8 avg. rating.


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Consistency is much better than attributes. You could have the best player in the world but if he turns up once a season then it is pointless as he will only earn you 3 points still.


Obviously a world class goalkeeper with a 15 in Consistency would be better than a relegation candidate goalkeeper with 20 consistency as they are performing at different levels. It really just depends on the gap between ability and the gap between consistency. 

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It takes some time to get good stadistics. My Buffon evogen conceded 55 goals in 55 games in  his first season, but in the second he condeded 46 in 55.

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