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Hey! This is my first year playing FMM and I'm having a blast!

But I'm wondering about the impact Player Interaction has on my players. As I understand it, it only boost a players morale (which I find pretty much random, so I tend to stay away from it).

Is there anything I should look for when interacting to players for them to not be drop in moral? And does Player Interacation impact players in any other way than morale?

And is there any tips to make my players keep good form? Other than nailing the tactics and keep their morale up. Is 7 overall a good form-score?

EDIT: And what does the Team Mentality do with my team? Does they play higher up in the pitch, opening up for counter attacks for the opponent?

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I never use the player interactions.  Maybe I'm missing out because of that but I've never felt like I am. Maybe someone who uses them can offer some insight. 

Correct, if you play an attacking mentality you'll be a more attack minded team and take more risks and so on. 

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I use to interact with players, e.g. when I see that one of my starting XI or some super-subs morale is lowe than I prefer, I praise them (but only in the way they are told to like it - if you use public interaction on player who likes too keep it private (or vice versa), it either doesn't affect him at all, or it evens lowers the morale.
On the other hand I am not pretty sure that it helps the player to play that important match better, I just do it to bring some realism to the game (you wouldn't want your star playmaker to go into UCL semifinal with morale on "Low") :)

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