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Career 1000 Shades of Grey : The Story of Frazer Martin


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Here is the story of a player. A striker, excellent one to be honest, I would never thought I’d have the chance to manage.

In today’s post, I will bring to you Martin’ early years in his career.

PART 1: Early years, the beginning of something?

It all started in my attempt for the Unemployed Challenge (which I failed pretty much).
As my strikers weren’t available due to long injuries, I got Fraser Martin from a grey player.

He was young, pretty promising, and having some potentially versatile abilities.
As I play on iOS, I didn’t have iScout at this time. So I didn’t have any chance to see his hidden attributes or his PA.

After this short introduction, here’s his starting profile :



Pretty awesome to go with him right ?         
I’ve decided to go for him and I put him in Attacking IT for 2 months just to see some improvements.
The results were good enough knowing he didn’t have so much games played :



If I only knew he would have become that good I would have taken more screenshots.
I had one other striker at that time, so I retrained Martin’ positions as he could perform better as Midfielder or Advanced Midfielder in Centre, Left or Right.
Yes, all positions all green. I used him a lot as AMC at first. I’ve never figured out he would be that great as a forward.

Since my career was going forward, I got sacked from Bournemouth due to a bug.
I ended up to win the Championship, then finishing 8th in Premier League.
I was hitting the 6th
position when I got sacked due to a streak of poor performance (like 5 or 6 games, only against top 5 clubs)…
I was losing a great team including some nice regens (Iniesta, Casillas just to name these two) and was losing Martin in the same way.

Here’s the seasons I got :





Finally, I took a job at Stoke who was struggling to stay in Championship.
I wasn’t able to buy Martin because Bournemouth was asking 10 million € for him. I just didn’t have that. So I tried to seal the deal from January to have him in the end of the season. What happened was terrible…

My only goal at Stoke was to stay out of relegation. I finished 21st, so I was out of relegation :



But still, I got sacked. Worst part is : Stoke got Martin…

I managed to land on another team for next season : Ipswich.
It was tough cause I didn’t have the money to buy Martin right away and he has just arrived to Stoke, so not possible to buy him.

My first season was nice by winning the Championship (again) and, thanks to some loaned players, succeeded in ending up at the 5th place of Premier League the season after :





These two great seasons gave me some cash to buy players.
Players ? Nooooo, Player !!
I managed to buy Martin for around 10 m€ and here he was. Fresh, trained, more experienced and great as ever.

I put him directly up front with a 1 striker tactic that worked well with my team in the last two seasons. The season went really well.
I ended up finishig 4th of the EPL and reaching the Champions league playoffs for the second time in a row :



Martin was a great player for this huge season. Here is his profile in September 2025 :



Really amazing right ?
The following screenshots will show you how good he’s been over this season :

Champions league games, no problem for Martin :




Only in October but already in the top players :



Weaker teams are real good for Martin’ training :)



He got injured a bit but still, great form and great streak :



In March, he was already over 40 goals :



Important games are just piece of cake for the top striker of Premier League :



His season was so huge he ended up winning the Premier League Player of the year on his first season with Ipswich :




Scoring 34 goals in Premier League and 53 total (I don’t have his stats at the end of the season, you’ll see them later in one other screenshot) :



As you can imagine, it’s only the early years of his career and some good perspective for his future.

Teaser for Part 2: Will all this time going after him will be worth it ?



EDIT : The spoiler just under is a bug, I can't delete the pictures from this post...













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Bug Importing Screenshots
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12 minutes ago, dutchfmh said:

Nice if i didn't know enough already nice going and a great start



Thanks Cal. I know I talked about him a lot to you and some other. It was time to tell his story!

7 minutes ago, Roffatje said:

O_o Wow mate! That's a very good grey player. Maybe i have to try grey players also :D

Definitely the best guy I ever had. You'll see that in the next parts. 

You should try. But you need luck as the grey players get all regenerated after around a week or when you offer one of them a contract.

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2 hours ago, Lav50 said:

This guy is a disease lol everytime i unlock my phone i see him,one of most impressive things i have seen in fmm

Haha right, but fair enough if you feel that way mate!!

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8 minutes ago, DSW said:

Finally!:DHahaa the legend that is Frazer Martin .  The story is pretty epic Haha can't wait!! 

Haha yes, can't wait to post the next parts

6 hours ago, Meow said:

Excellent lad! It's a beautiful story

For now it's nice. The following parts are beautiful. 

Thanks both!!

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5 minutes ago, Brenty92 said:

I smell a crazy story about to unfold for some reason ? the man, the myth, the legend! 

Haha thanks Ty ! Of course this will be crazy. Need some time to write the next parts now...

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I always fill my reserve team with grayed out players in the hope I might find my own 'Frazer Martin'. 

I find the best player by stats in the reserves and offer them a contract, then the entire team regenerates with new grayed out players, I then search again through the newly-generated players and find the best player and offer them a contract – I repeat this process until I have a full reserve squad. The stats always change slightly after the player becomes ‘real,’ some get much much worse but they are all only contracted till the end of the season so you can just let them leave and re-fill their place in the squad the following year. They are often very injury prone, can be frustrating if you’ve unearthed a gooden.

I have had various successes with this ranging from everyone being a dud to a striker that top scored in the prem for 8 years running (called Tyrone Cooke at Villa). Once I did it with Juventus and could have fielded a full starting 11 that would have challenged for the league.

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