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Challenges 2 Season Leicester Challenge

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As we all know Leicester are bossing the premier league and are on course to win the league.

Season 1: Aim to win Premier League

Now for this challenge you can use SUGAR DADDY. You can only use it once per season so don't be greedy.

You will get £39.5M to spend and using that money you must build a team that can get you to the top of the league. You can't buy players from any of the big teams in the premier league (Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd or Arsenal) but loan signings from these clubs are allowed. You must only sign players from premier league clubs except the six teams I mentioned. Forgot to mention FA Cup and Capital One Cup has to be won as well.

Season 2 Part 1

Now pending you have won the premier league, you have a tougher challenge and that is to win Champions League, FA Cup and Premier League (the treble), Capital One Cup doesn't need to be won. What ever funds you get for season 2 can be spent on players across the world and signings (you can sign any player but only the ones interested with a move to the club).

Season 2 Part 2

If you haven't won the premier league in Season 1 but you have won FA Cup you are eligible to play in Europa League. Try and win Premier League and Europa League. Use the funds available to achieve this. 

This series will be on my channel on YouTube starting on Friday 11th March 2016 but will be recorded Thursday 10th March 2016

Can I do it wait and see.


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I'm actually very interested in the sugar daddy option. I would love to see all the signings. It can be a very busy transfer window and the challenge is of course to make a good team together. So yeah i like it and i will follow it.

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Ok so thought I'd start a little go at this! 


Sit 2nd in the table and thats without any Sugar Daddy so original squad 

Three signings all frees

Ricky Alvarez, Ron Vlaar, and Demba Ba :-) 

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Mate, you need to find a tactic that works, clearly the tactic isn't working, switch it up.

also, change tactics in game if you aren't winning, make subs.

but good challenge, bad start 

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@OFFICIALRJHI have just won the league in my first season no sugar daddy or signings , would I just need the treble in my 2nd season.

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