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Career Portsmouth, former glories?


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So I decided to play as Portsmouth to attempt to return them to the premier league quicker than they descended from it to league 2.

Starting the game I professed my desire to win the league to the board. This gave me 550k to play with.

I looked at my team and decided I needed some attacking options. After some deliberation I signed Johnny lafferty from ballinamallard in northern Ireland.



And to boost my defensive capabilities I signed a couple of old favourites





These players cost me a total of £278k I pumped the rest into my wage budget to balance the books a little.

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In November I started receiving offers for one of my unused players. Danny Holland. Who I managed to sell for £650k despite his lack of game time and age of 30. I used this money to pack out my squad a little including buying this guy.



I was top of the league at this point and didn't feel the need to mess around too much.

I was wrong....

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Unfortunately I lost my season performance screenshots but this will give you some idea how I fared



As you can see I had a good run in the capital one cup in which I defeated much bigger teams. I also managed automatic promotion but only by 2 points.

And my current manager stats (small spoilers for season 2


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So season 2 begins and feeling cocky and wanting more cash to spend I opted to tell the board I expected promotion. For this I was given £650k with which I decided to scour the irish markets for bargains Derry taking a hit from me losing 3 players. I also purchased a young keeper from Celtic and another from Middlesbrough as my number one is in his 30s and peaked. 

Screenshot_2016-03-13-15-02-40.pngHere are some of the purchases' stats.

I like the look of Ronan Finn for centre and right midfield and hope Mark Timlin will have some potential to improve. McEleney looks quite solid and also has room to improve.

Screenshot_2016-03-13-15-01-50.pngScreenshot_2016-03-13-15-02-03.pngScreenshot_2016-03-13-15-01-25.pngFingers crossed I can push on and make a good go of league 1.

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So, season 2 is over and I have to say, it went pretty well overall. Aside from this poor period.


Poor indeed but as you can see I made it to the JPT final by getting past Leyton Orient. My opposition? League 2 Notts County. I was confident......Screenshot_2016-03-14-09-29-34.thumb.png

....and rightly so. I trounced them for my first piece of silverware. Thanks to a nice first half hat trick from Mr Bennett there. A player I didn't cover from my first season, an oversight as he was my star player then and in league 1 too. Thanks to these goal and assists stats, from the AMC position.Screenshot_2016-03-16-16-43-32_1.thumb.j

He earned this too,Screenshot_2016-03-14-20-18-31.thumb.png

Anyway. How was my league performance? Well I finished 3rd again and was stuck in the playoff battle. First up, Bristol City. This was tough, it went to penalties from a 0-0 aggregate over the two games.Screenshot_2016-03-14-20-15-25.thumb.png

But success!

Next up, the playoff final vs Bradford City. 


Again this was tough but the goals flowed more. It went to extra time at 2-2 then Bradford scored, disaster! The final score?



Saved by my star man in the 112th! To penalties and a victory for my tired boys.


My end of season stats here.



To the Championship! My own expectations exceeded. Hoping for more success in season 3.

Fingers crossed!


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Sweet! Another challenge in the Championship though! That league is proving tough to get into and stay there.

I'm a yeovil fan so know all about that……

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Thanks guys.

The championship season begins. As rank underdogs I am a little less confident this season. With this in mind I decided to hit the transfer market hard and fast. I was given a transfer budget of £1.4m and a good wage budget and after some tinkering I had A budget of £2.7m so happy shopping.

Only one problem, nobody I wanted was interested in signing for me, others I was priced out of the market and players I could afford weren't really an improvement.

I ended up signing three youngsters two of whom are belowScreenshot_2016-03-15-18-54-06.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-15-18-54-16.thumb.pngthey have reasonable stats so I'm hopeful. The third was a young goalkeeper to add to my collection (and was a kind of accidental purchase). A lot of dead wood left the club too.

Needless to say my lack of transfer activity coupled with the back to back promotions have me a little worried about my teams capabilities to survive in the championship.


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The championship is definitely a much harder beast which was made more difficult by the lack of transfer activity. Here were the sort of results I was getting.


All was not going well. Securely anchored in the bottom half, winning very few, my star men struggling with the improved competition.

I had to try my luck in the January transfer window. I hoped I could locate decent players who were interested in signing for me.

I scoured the market, altering the stats I was looking for, looking for a top bargain or with my money.

I found 3 players I really wanted.


Unfortunately I forgot to screenshot them all upon or before purchase (still new to this).

Zoran Popovic, had star written all over him to me. Electric pace, strong, tricky. All at 22 years old. A steal at £1.7m


Milos Tomic, I was in need of a couple of rotation defenders as the few good ones I had were struggling with fitness, this guy was every bit as good as what I had, if not better, with room to improve too. Price? A cool £625kScreenshot_2016-03-17-16-56-24.thumb.png

Tomasz Michalski. Again I was in need of fit defenders for rotation this guy fit the bill. At £120k who was I to argue?Screenshot_2016-03-17-16-56-35.thumb.png

So with my three new players in tow I went at the second half of the season. It still was not easy at all. But I saw a few more points come my way. My team also appeared to fight back more than roll over and accept defeat.

The results.


And where did these leave me in the table?Screenshot_2016-03-17-16-30-18.thumb.pngnot too bad. I survived the first season. On top of that I have positives to take. I scored plenty of goals for my league position and I can build on that next year. Also my top scorer was a 16 year old who I signed this season. He should improve tremendously.

On to next year, and on to new glories.

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Beginning championship season 2 I knew I still had quite a challenge after last year's results. I would need some improvements to my squad in general. Some first teamers, some squad players.

I began my search with a talented midfielder. Somebody who would keep my team together from the centre of the pitch. Tackling, passing, movement, decisions and stamina all had to be decent. Along with an ok shooting ability for those goals from midfield.

I picked up this guy first on a free for my midfield/bench.



Ok to good stats across the board bar shooting. Free tranfser and wages under 1k a week, yes please!

Then there was this midfielder for my first team. 



Those are the stats I wanted to see the physical stats are amazing. He provides me with both the attacking and defensive abilities I want in central midfield. 11 in shooting isn't so good but it may improve with training.

I then looked for a striker I could play as a target man. As my previous purchase Zoran Popovic was being played in this role and I feel his skills were wasted in this role.



Good stats here for a target man but the aggression is a little low perhaps. Still I liked the look of him for £800k and under a grand for wages.

So I had 3 new players and set away to begin the season.

Ins and outsScreenshot_2016-03-17-18-09-02.thumb.png

Connor Chaplin always looked half decent but never managed to break into my team, he was sold for his own good.

Also I really want Christian oxlade-Chamberlain to develop. 



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With the season over I can say it was difficult but we had some more success this year than last.

The first half of the season going quite well I had a few complaints from members of my team. My defender Michalski did not want to train on anything I gave him so he was sold in January along with Ryan McBride who was complaining about game time (despite being in rotation).

They were replaced in the same window.Screenshot_2016-03-19-15-54-28.thumb.png

My two new defenders 



Raggett in particular may look poor but his defensive stats are sound for my needs as a sub.

Here are a couple of my better results and my better players.


Screenshot_2016-03-18-22-18-41.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-19-00-50-48.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-19-16-50-27.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-19-16-50-11.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-18-22-18-49.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-19-16-50-00.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-19-16-49-50.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-19-16-49-19.pngBetween these players there are almost 70 goals and 56 assists. And their avg ratings are pretty good too

So onto how I actually performed this season.


As I had said I had a better season than last year, come January I was happily in playoff position and hoping to continue in this vein. After January however my form did change a little.




For the better though! Look at this league table. Very tight at the top. My guys had sealed promotion. I was thrilled.Screenshot_2016-03-19-16-49-07.thumb.png

Portsmouth back in the premier league after such a dramatic fall from grace. I predict a tough time but these guys seem capable of anything.

Onto the next season once again. Wish me luck!




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So to begin the next season. I know this is going to be difficult having moved up to the premier league. There are far better teams in this league and I need to improve my squad if I am to compete. I made a tough decision, I needed to improve on Cameron Black. He was doing great for a 17 year old last year but he isn't quite at this level yet. I bought in the following striker.



Some decent attacking stats and 24 years old so has room to improve. Hopefully I have made a good move putting him ahead of my youngster.

I didn't want Mr Black to miss out on game time though so I sent him on loan.

I also wanted a little improvement to my wing play so got the following guy in.



Some nice stats there and can play on either wing. An experienced player at 28 too.



So I bought only 2 players in the end. My budget was spent but I was going to struggle to give up on any of my favourites anyway. I've learned to love my team and expect them to exceed what is expected of them. I predict a mid table finish for my boys.

Wish me luck.

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Before I start I would like to highlight some of the players who were at Portsmouth when I started and have lasted this far.


Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-13-29.thumb.png He may not look like much now but he has been a solid bench/rotation player since the first season.

Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-12-45.thumb.png First teamer from the word go, has never let me down and has kept his position from league two to the premier league.

Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-13-22.thumb.pngFormer star man, maintained good form and pulled me out of many a scrape.

Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-13-13.thumb.pngA player who has flipped from loan out player to bench to first team rotation.

Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-12-58.thumb.pngI am guessing the younger brother of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. 16 when I started and with pretty underwhelming stats I decided to loan him out continuously. We now see him at 21. He is not exactly his brother but he's actually managed to make the first team this year in the premiership.

Screenshot_2016-03-22-23-12-51.thumb.png Now last but by no means least is Jack Whatmough. A guy who I had high hopes for as an 18 year old. His stats haven't developed as I had hoped but he has been a solid defender for me every season and one of the first names on the team sheet.

Now that is out of the way on to the season its self. It went a little better than expected. I opened my season by defeating Liverpool 3-0 and closed it with the following game 


Hardly my proudest managerial moment. It marred what was otherwise a better than expected season. I won my second piece of silverware too!



My league position after 21 games was astounding. Would I hold on to this?



Yes yes yes!

League champs first season in.


Unbelievable stuff


And these are my top guys for the season



Great season! On to the next and new challenges await

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Well I've been off looking at the update but I got back to Portsmouth for another year in charge. This year I have the added worry/glory of European football too.

Unfortunately I seem to have lost most of my screenshots so this will be a short update

The season opened well enoughScreenshot_2016-03-24-21-51-01.thumb.png

Winning this over arsenal 3-2 added to my silverware cabinet.

My season continued to go very well just hitting the odd bump in the road, like an early league cup exit.

This is how it ended.



Runner up in the FA cup on penalties and losing 2-1 to Barcelona in the ECC final were bitter pills to swallow but I did get a second league title at least

And here is how my players performed in the league





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Sorry mate, but i think you should lay out your project so it is easier to read for everyone, so start by giving it a title saying season 3.

Then do transfers and competitions and make it so everyone can see it clearly.

im just trying to help you out mate as I can't understand what's going on, and also update season by season.

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5 hours ago, Smee123 said:

@DaBHey thanks for the advice. You think I should go back and edit my posts? It's my first real attempt at this

No I think it's fine, not to bad, but just do it from now on so its easier to read 


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@DaB will do thanks and also on any future stories I write up, fc United, kaiserslautern and torino spring to mind as well as a 1000 goal challenge in a different league to usual

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Season 7

I was starting the 7th season as two time Premier League champion, runner up in the F.A. Cup and runner up in the Champions League. My aim this year? To win everything.


I made several signings this year mostly looking to improve squad depth as this is an area my team fell a little flat last season, after a few injuries to top players I found myself relying on my old league 1 and championship players. I also wished to improve my defense as I feel I leaked too many goals last year.

I made the following signings to address the problems:



A defender I paid £20m of my budget on and I would say it's pretty obvious why, with greens in strength, tackling, positioning, teamwork and decisions and a 14 in aerial ability he is already a top CB at 22 years old. His additional greens in pace, technique and passing are also interesting.



Picked up on a free I felt his defensive stats warranted a place in my squad for minimal investment.



Brought in because of that wonderful stat spread, he could at least be in my wing rotation. For £4m I thought he was a bargain.


A well known commodity I got Willian on a free transfer, he's still got some good stats in his veteran years here.

5,6 & 7)


These three I bought in as prospects for the future, their stats are pretty good and ripe for intensive training.

The Results

Charity Shield

My season opened very well in the Charity Shield against Manchester City


A huge victory, humiliating the rich boys and avenging my FA Cup final loss to them.

The League

I hoped for another top place finish in the premier league this season and it was looking good with results like theseScreenshot_2016-03-28-13-02-14.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-29-21-08-45.thumb.png

Destroying big teams like that was very satisfying and led to a very successful league campaign where I achieved something I never have before


A full season undefeated winning g the league by 14 points, I was impressed with my teams performances.

This is how the players did Screenshot_2016-03-31-15-21-05.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-31-15-21-12.thumb.pngScreenshot_2016-03-31-15-21-16.thumb.png

As you can see Cameron Black had a hell of a season and rightly earned premier league player of the year. Followed closely by my signing of the season, Willian. Provider of many goals and assists.

The Cups

I had two impressive cup runs, first making it to the capital one cup finalScreenshot_2016-03-30-01-17-35.thumb.pngand winning it in injury time! This was a very even match as evidenced by the stats.

In the F.A. Cup I had a very good run and was almost knocked out by a tough Liverpool teamScreenshot_2016-03-29-23-47-24.thumb.png

As can be seen I went 3 goals down in the first 20 minutes before Liverpool lost Ings to an injury and I lost a CB to injury. In the second half my team made 2 comeback goals, I had another injury before Castro, the sub for the injury, equalized. Then Liverpool's defense rewarded my guys with a penalty in injury time for the win. Phew, close stuff.

So I made it to the final after a few more games and I was up against Manchester United.Screenshot_2016-03-30-22-42-41.thumb.pngAnother extremely close game and another penalty leading to my team winning, this time in extra time.

So that is the domestic treble won. My target of winning everything looks good.

The Champions League

The best of the best in Europe meet in the champions league.

I drew Real Madrid, Nantes and Celtic in my group, I should at least finish second


I finished top of the group but with 2 draws to bottom placed Celtic it wasn't very easy.

I worked my way through the knockout stages until I met Real again in the quarter finalsScreenshot_2016-03-30-02-10-53.thumb.png

The first leg was a drubbing for Madrid, however I never counted them out in the second leg....Screenshot_2016-03-30-02-24-48.thumb.png

They put up an amazing fight back at home, handing me my first defeat of the season but not quite scoring enough goals.

I then dispatched of Barcelona 5-2 on aggregate in the semis before going on to the final against PSG. An impressive team



Another close game but we did it. My team and I won everything!

The End?

So there we have it, the fallen Portsmouth. From league 2 to Quadruple winners, and suffering only one defeat in the last season, in 7 years. A hell of a ride, is there anything else I can do with them? I'm open to suggestions.







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