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Tactics HelpNeededRecreating Billy2shots 433 from fm15 ( EME )


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Hi guys

the other day i was looking at tactics from 15 and now would love to see if we could recreate the 433 from Billy2

i have reached out to him, but he has not yet responded. All potential credit goes to him.

i have taken some pics to illustrate who i have chosen to set it up.

my goal with this is that this tactic in a season can lead ANY Championship side to BPL promotion.

the setup with 433 is NOT up for debate - anything else is  - 


please help with any input you might have - i want this to work in 2016 :)






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Sorry I haven't had chance to reply Anders, I had a busy weekend. 

I still use that exact tactic and it still dominates the game. How successful it is depends on getting the right players in the right positions. 

More often than not I would play a DLP instead of a BWM. The CM role seems to have been really turned down in FMM16. Last year I could get between 15-20 assists and 15 goals from that role but this year the CM role is very average in my tactic. 

I have recently been playing with a flat 3 in midfield with bigger teams and it has been blowing up big time. I would rather not give away the player roles at this point but may do after the next update. 

Lastly, remember this was created for the OME so don't expect miracles for EME. 

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Thank you very much for the feedback - :)

i did not remember that it was originallly made for OME but that makes scence now, so thank you for the reminder.

i will try to mingle around with the roles a bit and se how it turne out. But i Think that this tactic also potentially could work for EME :)

I will try with the change from bwm to dlp


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Yes actually he has to be more nicky Butt than Paul scholes :)?

btw - your pcr his he both strong in heading AND finishing?

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In some games the PCR will get a lot of headers and in others he will have none, it's a direct result of the opposition tactic that they use forcing your players to cross more. 

I never worry too much about heading and I concentrate on





Last year Martial scored 1000 goals in 800 games and Jovic scored 1300 in 900 games. Both have poor heading stats. 

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