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BPL upgrades for the pending update! Team by team

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Hey guys

I am going to go through each team in the Premier League and say which player mostly deserves an upgrade! 

The screenshots will be what I have edited the player to the level I think they should be at.



Joel Campbell has had a breakthrough season at Arsenal with many fans thinking he should be starting most games for them! Only a small upgrade though as he is already fairly good and represents his standing in the team well.

Actual Result:Screenshot_2016-03-17-07-49-11.png.a042c

Not even close……


Aston Villa


Jordan Ayew had been a bright spark in whats been a shocking season for Villa! Close to not having a player at all in here to be honest but I though Ayew deserved a small upgrade all the same.

Actual Result:Screenshot_2016-03-17-07-49-22.png.a2750

Actually pretty close this time :-) 




Junior Stanislas looks terrible on FMM2016 right now and has had a decent season for the promoted side so is deserving of a small upgrade.

Actual Result:Screenshot_2016-03-17-07-49-37.png.1b43b

Again not miles away… not alot on either though




This lad has been great over the last few weeks under Guus Hiddink for Chelsea! Fully deserves an upgrade after scoring at an impressive rate recently.

Actual Result:Screenshot_2016-03-17-07-49-48.png.f220a

Really thought his shooting would get a bigger upgrade after goalscoring exploits recently.


Crystal Palace


Zaha has been one of Palaces main threats on the counter this year, he still hasnt smashed it goal scoring wise but still think a small upgrade for him is in order.

Actual Result:Screenshot_2016-03-17-07-49-57.png.6f8e0

Actually got a better upgrade than I thought with Dribbling and Crossing getting a huge upgrade.




Aaron Lennon has proved his experience with some great performance and big goals for Everton this season after his transfer from Spurs seems to have been the correct move for him. Euro 2016 anyone??

Actual Result:Screenshot_2016-03-17-07-50-22.png.b91b8

Well that's not too bad is it! Pretty close really! I thought his shooting would an upgrade though. He did score a goal against Tottenham after all……


Leicester City


An obvious upgrade and a fairly sizeable one at that! Kante has been crazy good for the Foxes this year and one of their main players in that team so close to securing their first ever League Title!




Not had a great season really other than a decent run in the Capital One Cup scoring a big goal in the process but Jurgen Klopp hasnt used him much in the league games for whatever reason but only just the only player that should get even a small upgrade imo


Manchester City


Already a beast in game but shoukd be getting an upgrade anyway to his starting stats as his place in the City team has become concrete now as a consistent sub, recently scoring agaibst Tottenham in a huge Title game.


Norwich CityScreenshot_2016-03-15-11-33-34.png.c4437

Brady has been epic for The Canaries all year and has gone unnoticed really unlike all the Leicester boys in comparison! He has been creating lots of chances for his teammates aswell being defensively sound aswell.



Just for his goal against Arsenal……


……Move on……



Stoke CityScreenshot_2016-03-15-11-34-27.png.28a98

Its about time this FM legend got an upgrade instead of a downgrade! Been great for little old Stoke so far.


Should get a cheeky upgrade after some stellar performances in the red and white stripes of Sunderland!

This guy though on the other hand……




Tottenham HotspurScreenshot_2016-03-15-11-36-41.png.6e434

Or otherwise known as 'God' or 'Baller' Dele Alli is EPIC! So should be up for an FMM upgrade or at the very least a knighthood! 



Not like Watford much but Ighalo being decent and then beating Arsenal in their own Cup made their level go up to Level. 1, at least they have that going for them, eh.


West Bromich AlbionScreenshot_2016-03-15-11-38-27.png.a0bc0

Gardner had been immense for The Baggies this term scoring some big goals in the process! Should get a small upgrade


West Ham UnitedScreenshot_2016-03-15-11-38-46.png.baacd

Scored against Spurs so on that basis should defo get an upgrade!!!!


Some teams were so bad they didn't have a single player that deserved am upgrade!

Newcastle just no need to explain really! They have been proper next level crap

Manchester United do have a couple but they werent on the game before which are now Rashford and Borthwick-Jackson being two

Whos the other team?

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1 hour ago, Nolaaan said:

Where's Firmino?think he should get one 

No chance pal! Firmino is due a downgrade for sure in fact pretty sure hes had a downgrade as he was massively over powered on fmm before

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