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Your Favorite Ever FMM Victories

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Hey chaps!

Just wanted to share my favorite EVER FMM win!


Wins like that on the Enhanced Engine feel so blooming good!! Ronaldo scored a rating of 4 haha

Rafael had him in his pocket ALL game! 

I played a risky formation to stop Ronaldo and I did just that.

Stop Ronny. Stop Real.


So whats your fav win on the game so far! Not always the biggest win but your favorite?

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Definetly against Man Utd in UCL final,i was down 1-0 untill 82nd minute or so when Sanchez smashed it..Walcott's 3rd goal was funny and brilliant,unfortunately I don't have screenshot of it :(

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My favourite, 2nd season Champions League final against Juventus. Also Buffon's last game. On EME.

Liverpool 5-0 Juventus. In the pictures, Flanagan fouls and Buffon comes out to take the free kick. Niklas Stark (number 7 of screen) heads into the net from that distance. Absolutely humiliating.




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Quite liked Mario giving his old club a lesson to win the Champions League.



I also enjoyed this 4 nil away win at the Bernabeu...


...and the return leg at Anfield was a hoot.



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I once was playing against Chelsea with Manchester United and wanted to lose the match (wanted to see how far I would get and not get sacked) so I put 1 Defender and 1 Sweeper back and put all the other players forward FL, 3 FCs, FR and 3 AMCs with Long Passing, GK Distribution to long and Counter Attack on. Actually won the game 7-2. I don't have any screenshots though.

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3 hours ago, Lav50 said:

Wow,you are really getting maximum out of Mario

You could say that.


I recalled him from his loan at AC Milan due to a striker shortage.  It took him a while to get amongst the goals, but when he did, there was no stopping him. He didn't quite manage WPOTY though.


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I did have a nice cup run with Portsmouth whilst still in league 2 in my first season. Including a nice 3-1 win over Everton. That was a favourite.

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