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Help Renewing Contract

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I'm currently the manager of Fulham in my 4th season and I'm having trouble renewing one of my best players contracts (Breel Embolo). 

Its says he wants to move to a bigger club, however I finished 2nd in the league the season before and am currently 1st in the league this seasons at the end of Decemeber. I also won every group match in my first season in the champions league, beating the likes of Bayern x2. 

I've offered him the most my club allows (75k a week) yet he still rejects every time. 

He's only got 6 months left on his contact and I'm worried he'll sign a contact with another team and leave on a free, when on a new contract I could probably sell him for around 30-40m. His value had dropped to £8m from £30m and preferably I don't want to sell him cheap because he's a world class player and is scoring 20+ a season 

Is there anyway I can get him to sign a new contact or will I have to be forced to sell him cheap in January.

Thanks for any help :)

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You could try and get your max wage up by selling other high earners and/or players you don't need and add that profit to your wage budget, or ask the board for a wage boost. 

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75k is a little small, maybe that's the reason. If you already have a little money, then adjust your budget a little to but that max wage up. If not sell a few dead wood (you'll be surprised how much some clubs are willing to pay)

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You can not keep your star player even you got league and Euro champion if you can not provide enough salary.

Please enjoy the time he played for you.

Maybe you can try give me a contract with big team release clause.  

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