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Rare pieces of commentary


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Sometimes playing match after match in FMM can be pretty boring. Until, well... that occasional moment when your BWM scores a goal from 50 yards (yes that has happened to me) or some commentary that don't appear often flashes on screen.

Wow... I'm actually surprised of the variety of commentary in the game, despite clocking hours and hours on FMM, there's still some of these that I've never seen before. Well you don't see them often, but still...


Screenshot_2016-03-28-14-32-34.pngI've had some interesting ones, but I didn't think of screenshotting them. What interesting commentary have you seen?

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Yeah I've seen that one before pretty every time the keeper comes up tbf haha


I've seen and spotted the 'Hes punched the ref!!!!' one and was like buggar here comes a 90 Day Ban

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