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Tactics Leicster City Signings


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With the new update, Leicster are one of the main teems im looking to manage. However, there is a slight problem, their transfer budget us only £4 million. So my question for you is, what is the best tactic to use, and what players can you sign to fit in with it? 

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I play an attacking 4-3-2-1 with 2 IF's, Leicester are weak at RB and could do with a CAM - Gino Peruzzi from Boca is a fantastic RB and will only cost around £3m. Also at CAM Ante Coric from Dinamo - he becomes one of the best players on the game and will cost around £4m. Sell off some of the higher earning older players (and Yohan Benalouane as he is useless and eating £40k a week) and fiddle the wages to afford both players

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If you change your target to win the league that will be bumped up to about 4.8 with an increase in wage budget too. Change your budget in the Finances screen to max your transfer budget and you should hit about 17.5mil. I find i can get better value part-ex'ing rather than selling most of the time. I am half way through the 1st pre-season and have completed the bellow deals. (Apologies for the lack of screen shots, i am not tech savy)

5 or 6 youth players out for less around a mil each

Inler out for 2.8mil

11mil+Matty James part-ex for John Stones

10.25+Kramaric for Dele Alli

1.2mil for Maximilliano Romero

900k for Jhon Arango

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