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Career De Nederlandse Masters....A Triple Threat


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With my Follow The Zlat challenge reaching an exciting climax I thought I would go straight into another epic challenge with a classic Triple Threat.

Having started at Ajax for the Zlat challenge I got to know the club well, I have never touched the Dutch league before and was surprised with the squad they have decided to base my challenge here. 

So the three chosen players are - 

Richario Zivkovic
Well known FMH wonderkid. Cost: Already at Club.


Anwar El Ghazi
Another wonderkid, not a natural striker but has all the right stats. Cost: Already at club.

Luc Castaignos
Former wonderkid, 
all-time top scorer of the Netherlands U17. Linked with many Premier League clubs. Now at Frankfurt. Cost £5m plus  Lasse Schöne.

Can the dutch masters blast 1,500 goals? 


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1 minute ago, Joewins said:

Good luck - I'm not sure Zivkovic has the same fire power as in 2015 but i'm sure you'll prove me wrong!

Thanks, he is always a gamble as his stamina is awful...

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18 hours ago, Ashez said:

Good luck :) 

Thanks, lets hope it goes as well as Atletico last year!

6 hours ago, Taff said:

Good luck dude

Thanks, another long career ahead! ;)

3 hours ago, PriZe said:

As a dutch men myself i am looking forward to see how this is going too unfold!

I hope I don't let your country down! 

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Season 1 - De Nederlandse Masters - Ajax

Transfers In 

Lots of action here to shape the squad, thanks @Tojifor highlighting Bruno Paulista. A perfect young BBM. Also Keane is a very solid CB. Grujic is an unbelieveable wonderkid, watch out for him


Transfers Out

I needed to raise some funds and shipped out unwanted players.


Dutch Cup

The old rivals PSV take the cup home in a tight final.


Champions League

After getting through the qualifying rounds and a tough group we go all the way to the final but Juve are just too strong for us.



We stroll to the title with just one defeat.


Season Awards

El Ghazi takes the Dutch Young Player of the Year Award with Castaignos second.


El Ghazi makes it a double by winning the Eredivisie Player of the Year Award with Castaignos second again.


I win my first Eredivisie Manager of the Year Award.


Squad Stats

Good start from the front three. Meli and Grujic were powerhouses from midfield.


Triple Threat

Zivkovic starts with an average 27 goals.


Castaignos hit a decent 38 plus 3 for Holland too. The only player to be capped so far.


El Ghazi was the main man this season with 41 goals.



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3 minutes ago, Mikee1984 said:

Nice start mate could I ask what engine you use and do you play with 3 poachers in triple threat? 

This is on the OME and I play three up front in the FC position but not three poachers...;)

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Season 2 - De Nederlandse Masters - Ajax

Transfers In 

More soild players in. Ordets is a no nonsense defender and with Pratto and Guillermo as striking back up options.


Transfers Out

Lots of outgoings here. Got good money for Fischer and some of the back up players.


Dutch Super Cup

We ease to lift the first trophy of the season thanks to a brace from Castaignos.


Dutch Cup

We lift our first Dutch Cup thanks to a double from El Gahzi against Heerenveen.


Champions League

Another final but this time we upset City to lift the Cup.



Tougher league campaign but we still retain our title.


Season Awards

Zivkovic lifts the Dutch Young Player of the Year Award with El Ghazi second.


Zivkovic makes it a double by winning the Eredivisie Player of the Year Award with El Ghazi second again.


I retain the Eredivisie Manager of the Year Award.


Squad Stats

The front three under performed this season, a lack of fitness and niggling injuries restricted their appearances. Paulista stood out from midfield.


Triple Threat

Zivkovic is down a goal from last season, disappointing.


Castaignos is down 10 goals this season, he struggled for fitness.


El Ghazi was down 14 goals to compound a bad season goals wise. He did chip in with 7 international goals though.


So we after a very poor season goal wise we are behind schedule and need a couple of good seasons to boost the tally.


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3 hours ago, JustM1kePlays said:

So far so good. Can't believe you got out if the group in the champions league in the first season! Great player choices as well, havent seen Castaignos mentioned for awhile 

Thanks Mike. He is a blast from the past. Not really a wonderkid who has fulfilled his potential.

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8 minutes ago, kylieboi88 said:

One of my fav clubs to play as. Quality read, thanks for sharing!

Thanks, yeah they do have a good squad on '16. Lots of good young youth players.

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On 4/5/2016 at 19:50, Ashez said:

Difficult season goal wise but I'm sure you can turn it around :) 

Yeah, didn't go the way I hoped but its early on and still time to kick on.

On 4/5/2016 at 22:29, DaB said:

Poor season, you'll turn it around though,

sorry, how many goals do you need with each player??


I just need to score 1,500 goals between the three players.

As they are all the same nationality then international goals count too (these can prove vital in a challenge like this!)

20 hours ago, PriZe said:

Ouch great first season, not so great second season. But time is on your side my friend so KIU!

Time is fine at the moment but can't afford another few seasons like that.

Edited by danovic78
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So after a disappointing second season, we need to bounce back with a 100 goal season at least.

Season 3 - De Nederlandse Masters - Ajax

Transfers In 

Bought a couple of solid wing backs in Fernandes and Telles plus the Wonderkid Sanches for a cheap £10.5m.


Transfers Out

Big money for Bazoer here, wasn't a first choice and the offer was too good to turn down.


Dutch Super Cup

PSV are brushed aside again in the season opener.


European Super Cup

Icardi punishes us in extra time as we fall to Atletico in the Super Cup.


Club World Championship

We hit six to lift the trophy against a poor Auckland City side thanks to El Ghazi hat-trick.


Dutch Cup

Another Dutch cup as we beat Den Haag in the Final.


Champions League

We fall at the quarter final stage to Monaco after a couple of poor games.



Our third straight title.


Season Awards

Zivokovic picks up his first Ballon D'Or.


Zivkovic again lifts the Dutch Young Player of the Year Award with El Ghazi second.


Zivkovic makes it a triple award season by winning the Eredivisie Player of the Year Award with El Ghazi second again.


I retain the Eredivisie Manager of the Year Award.


Squad Stats

Much better from the top three, with Meli driving the team on from midfield.


Triple Threat

Zivkovic was right on the money this season with 43 goals and 3 players awards!


Castaignos was back up in the 30's for goals.


El Ghazi was the top man this season with 47 goals in as many games.


**Job News**

Great news as I am appointed the Holland manager after a poor showing in the 2018 World Cup!


A much better season brings our tally up, we are averaging 107 a season but need to up it around 115-120 to stay on track.


Edited by danovic78
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1 hour ago, DaB said:

Brilliant mate, zivkovic looks insane, nice going for the Netherlands job, KIU

Thanks, yeah he has really progressed over the 3 seasons and not close to his peak yet. ;)

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4 minutes ago, Mikee1984 said:

Looking good mate right back on track in season 3 KIU.

Thanks Mike, yeah just the season we need to get going...

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