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So, whilst thinking of things I could do on FMM16 I have been toying with an idea. The idea started with never spending a penny on transfer fees and evolved from there.

The Challenge

Start with a club of your choice (exceptions below in rules), sort the players by price on the first day of each season and demote the five of highest value. You cannot use these players, you are obviously best off selling them.

Now you are free to sign anybody you like, as long as the transfer fee is 0 or their contract has expired.

The challenge is to win your league, all domestic cup competitions, the continental cup applicable for your team and the world club cup all in the shortest time possible.

You may sign free players in or outside of any transfer window.

Rules and Exceptions

You can't use any current champions league teams from England, Spain, Germany, Portugal or Italy, no PSG, no Ajax or either Milan team.

No bosmans (pre-contract expiry)

No unlockables (bar owe you a favour)

No editor

Hopefully somebody will take up this challenge, I've personally started one and may start posting it soon.

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@Ashez I thought about leaving them in but then realized it would lessen the challenge considerably. I'll be surprised if this is a truly original idea though haha

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@Smee123So am I reading this right that you cannot sign anyone in January on a pre-contract for the following season? You have to wait til they leave the club completely before signing them?

Also are we allowed to use "grey players" if needed, I mean offer them a contract? They are "free"?

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