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Career Austerity Measures - Blackburn Rovers

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April 5th has become a sad day for Blackburn Fans as the unloved Venkys have decided enough is enough and have called an end to their financial clout being used by Blackburn Rovers. Unconfirmed reports report that due to the current economical climate they have sacked their manager and have decided they want out. 

April 5th 13.44pm...news just in to the Blackburn Echo a new manager has been installed and he is a regular at the local Venky takeaway outlet, who has offered to work for a bargain bucket once a month instead of a wage...What have the owners done! Kyle Chittock - over weight and unknown is now the new manager, words cannot describe how speechless us Blackburn fans are.

More news to follow as a press conference has been called for tomorrow morning. 



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Hello apologies I upgraded my phone contract and lost my save ill start again when I get time and post some more, thnks for the comments


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News just in Kyle Chittock has been installed as the new manager of Blackburn Rovers...His first role in management and hes been given two objectives - cut costs and stay up! Questions will clearly be asked if this young, slightly over weight - but handsome lad from Essex can cut it with the likes of Steve Bruce! We wish him well. 

Tune in next friday for an indepth interview with Mr Chittock where we hope to learn what he has in store for this club that is clearly in decline...



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