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Career Taffs (Follow The Zlat) Attempt V 2.0


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And we're back with V 2.0 of my Follow the Zlat attempt (some questions raised over my other thread so starting again)

Will be using my attacking 442 formation

And here we go

Season one


So here we are again back at the beginning and genuinely looking forward to going again


So first things first a bit of shopping and here are our in's and out's


brought in my old fav Meli (excellent BBM) and Toonstra to strengthen my midfield and brought Demari Gray on loan as an extra IF (I personally don't rate Fischer) and brought a few free signings in as back ups


Got rid of a few (unhappy) players for the cash

So how did our first season go....


well we smashed the league with a huge 24 point gap but we didn't fare so well in the cups loosing out in the Champions cup play off places and subsequently going out in the quarter finals of the Euro cup and loosing in the Semi finals of the Dutch cup

here's our full season fixtures (bad month in March)


some player stats for you


Not bad but was hoping for a stand out player (although that's my fault for so much swapping) see how next season goes

Some end of season awards



So Milik winning and runner up in young player and player of the year with Zivkovic also up there and a manager of the year award for me (and all the other Dutch managers must have sucked because somehow the manager I replaced at the beginning of the season comes runner up lol)

So only one league title to boast about this season (and the game mocking me already by sacking both AC Milan and Barcelona managers)

So we need a much better run in the cups next season and a more prolific goal scorer

Stay tuned ?

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1 hour ago, DaB said:

Good going mate, good luck 

Cheers @DaB really looking forward to going again

19 minutes ago, Mikee1984 said:

Great start mate, very impressive league campaign.

Cheers @Mikee1984 Chuffed with the league but really could have done better cup wise

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Good start @Taff

Can't believe you sold van de Beek, he is a great wonderkid. Can play a APM or BBM in the middle of the park, then again you don't want to be hanging round long at Ajax so I guess there is no need to develop him.

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Season 2

Season 2 over and done and a much better season all around

First things first our season ins and outs


Sold a few players who wanted out (sod them) and brought in some extra RW and some depth at CM and CD (Jorghino was a bargin)

Now the League


another straight forward affair this season with a solid 20 point margin winning our second league title 

but our major task this season was the cups not winning any last season meant I needed to shape up and well....


that's right we won three with the Dutch super cup, Dutch cup and the Champions league (after a shaky group stage)


Talk about skin of your teeth (three teams on equal points) but after loosing both first legs in the first and second round then winning the second legs we eventually beat PSG on penelties in the Semi final and thump Chelsea 3-1 in the final

Here's the season fixtures 


Another shaky patch through NOV/DEC but we come through in the end

Player stats


My players all had good and bad patches but none like Zivkovic who was on fire until around FEB then just fell off scoring maybe 5 in the last three months Diego Jota and Amin Younes were excellent as my IF's

I was hoping to use Zivkovic in an attempt at the Hardcore version but I need 4 more goals to beat Zlat's Ajax tally but still a possibility 

Some end of season awards (and this just goes to show how good Zivkovic was early on)


Another Manager of the year award for me (luckily not my predecessor this time)


So having won 2 league titles and three cups we have completed the Ajax portion just a waiting game now (AC Milan job came up again for the second year running lets hope for a third)

Stay tuned!

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Insane results !! Which tactic you using would love to try it and could you possibly upload pictures of your team ? Well done though class stuff

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1 minute ago, 17-jay said:

Insane results !! Which tactic you using would love to try it and could you possibly upload pictures of your team ? Well done though class stuff

Cheers @17-jay I'm using my Attacking 442 with Working IF which can be found in the tactic's thread and as for my team I do switch quite a lot so the team I post wouldn't always be the one I play

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Season 3

So another season and no job opportunities this season so another one in the Eredivisie

So transfers this year and I didn't want to change too much so only a few in's and out's this year


So brought in another striker as a back up and a backup keeper (I've used Sara in previous versions of the game and he's excellent as a cheep backup) and Sold El Ghazi as he wanted to move so out he went, rest were just reserve players who's contracts run out

So the league first and well did you excpect anything less


Only 17 points difference this year but a great goal tally so a 3rd league title for the mighty Ajax

Onto the cups and slightly dissapointent to get knocked out of the Champions cup in the Quater finals to PSG (they were too strong for me) but still had a good cup run everywhere else


Four more cups for the trophy cabinet and have now won every available competition so not a bad result

Season fixtures and some good wins a few 1-0's but a win is a win


As you can see we faced PSG four times this season loosing 3 and drawing 1

Player stats and Zivkovic had another good season but Younes and Milik both contributed well also


Some player awards and again Zivkovic proved his worth


coming 2nd in the world player of the year and winning Dutch young player of the year with Diogo Jota coming 2nd

but thanks to their contributions this year Younes and Milik both get some recognition as well


and for the third year running I win the manager of the year award


So all in all another great season (just playing the waiting game now)

Stay tuned 

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20 minutes ago, Mikee1984 said:

Nice going taff 2 great seasons there mate, just a waiting game now eh.

Just a waiting game both Barca and AC milan jobs were looking promising but they both started playing well and i'm stuck again now in fourth season

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I know the feeling mate I'm stuck at barca and at one point both Milan managers were very insecure, but they turned it around. I'm considering resigning very soon in the hope that one of the other managers takes over.

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16 hours ago, Mikee1984 said:

I know the feeling mate I'm stuck at barca and at one point both Milan managers were very insecure, but they turned it around. I'm considering resigning very soon in the hope that one of the other managers takes over.


4 hours ago, danovic78 said:

Its always frustrating waiting to move on when you have completed a leg but hang on in there as something normally comes up.

your both right but that's the challenge sticking it out for those moves and you'll be happy to know....

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Season 4

Another season in glorious Holland and we did well again.

In's and Out's

OK so I didn't really need any transfers this year but when they give you money you have to spend it so

Brought in Zlat's Evogen middle of the season just coz I wanted to, Donny Van Der Beak as I was told he's a decent CM and my two have little in the way of stamina but my pride this season was 3 time league top scorer Luuk De Jong who smashed Zivkovic out of the water this season


And I just released a few more unhappy/contract ending players


So the league and did they get four on the bounce????


OF COURSE THEY DID and with 5 games to go

And we managed another few cups this year too

Both Dutch Cup and Dutch Super Cup and some very impressive results in the Champions Cup beating Man City 9-0 on agg Olympic Lyon 8-4 on agg and beating Barcelona 4-0 on the first leg (didn't go any further as you'll see shortly)


Here's some player stats (and you'll see why De Jong killed it this year)


40 goals what a man

Now these results are not quite complete as mentioned above


So you've probably guessed why we didn't finish the season and here it comes


We finally make a move to Italy and to the Team where we need to win the most, so with Inter in 8th place and only four games to play I holiday the rest of the season only making one executive decision and that's to buy Zivkovic from Ajax (I know De Jong was better but Zivkovic is much younger and I'm trying to carry on the Hardcore version for now)

So onto the new season and A LOT of rebuilding to do.

So one happy man here bring on the Seria A

Stay Tuned






Edited by Taff
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37 minutes ago, danovic78 said:

Well done on the Inter move, hope you can complete that leg quickly.

Fingers crossed dude, but I have a lot of work to do

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15 minutes ago, Mikee1984 said:

Nice one taff getting the move, looks like Ajax would of had champs league in the bag.

They ended up winning 2-0 in the final against Chelsea but I had to move

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1 hour ago, Taff said:

They ended up winning 2-0 in the final against Chelsea but I had to move

Yeah I'd take a move over more glory any day, they don't come around often.

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No when I first did it I was lucky 5 seasons at Ajax a quick move to AC Milan straight to Inter then straight to Barca but I felt like I waited forever for PSG and Juve but keep the faith it will happen

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6 hours ago, Joewins said:

Nice going Taff, KIU. What is the goal tally you are chasing with Zivkovic?

If you look at the original Follow the Zlat challange post there is a list there of how many goals he scored at each club and for the hardcore version you need to take a striker club to club with you and match his tally.

it was 48 at Ajax (which Zivkovic smashed having nearly four full seasons) and 66 at Inter (Zivkovic is currently on 31 this season with a few games to go)

Edited by Taff
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I guess you'd have to have the whole thing wrapped up in under 18 seasons at most to complete the hardcore version then?!

I would doth my cap to you if you managed that!

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20 minutes ago, Joewins said:

I guess you'd have to have the whole thing wrapped up in under 18 seasons at most to complete the hardcore version then?!

I would doth my cap to you if you managed that!

I don't really think it's manageable to be honest as the last time I did this it took 23/24 seasons but if I get the quick turn arounds in the job I might do it

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Season 5


So my first full season at Inter and we had some major rebuilding to do as most of the Star players were now past there prime and they didn't have a lot in the way of talent apart from the CD position 

In's and Out's


As I previously said I brought in Zivkovic to try and carry on the Hardcore version of the game the rest were wither recommendation (Rasheen Fernandes by @Mikee1984) or neccesities due to the squad players I had Ivan Rubio turned into a great IF and Jhon Cordoba was an excellent strike partner for Zivkovic.  Others were there as back ups in CD and CM positions 


Got rid of my unhappy players and anyone who got an offer


Well this was a lot closer than I've been used to in Holland coming down to the very last game of the season with me chasing Juventus all season it came down to this


One game to go and one point behind I needed the win and could afford for Juventus to at least draw against Roma (who were right there with us until they dropped points like a nothing else so could they help me out by holding Juventus while I had a fairly straight forward game against Cagliari 


Well I won but what about Juventus.....


Roma did it they held them to a draw and that meant


We won the league by 1 point and claim our first of three league titles


So with us finishing in 8th place last season we only had the Italian cup to aim for and well..


No worries so that's one league title and one cup won already

Season Fixtures

Here's how the team got on this year


Not the best start and a lot of draws this year but that's something we will try to work on next year

Player Stats 

So here's how the players got on this year


So Zivkovic having a nice season topping both tables with 35 goals and 16 assists but Cordoba and Rubio both chipping in nicely as well.

Season awards 

Here's the end of season awards


Rubio claiming the top spot with Zivkovic in 2nd in the player of the year award and another manager of the year award for me.

So onto season 6 Stay tuned

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Season 6


Here we are again with my second full season at Inter and just a few in's and out's first 

In's and Out's


Brought in Cavalerio to strengthen my IF position (I know Rubio did well last season but I put him out on the right as my W) Vrsaljko was to replace some FB's who left and De Jong was a back up W


Just clearing out some deadwood this year


Well we had a good strong season this year sitting on top nearly all season......


and at at the end of the season we were still on top with a good points gap, that's 2/3 league titles won


Now having won my one Cup last season I only needed one more, but this year I had three chances to win won so did we manage to win one of them


No we manager all three Cups (couldn't believe it my self) had some close calls in the Italian Cup and had to pull some come backs in the Champions Cup but very chuffed with all the silver wear 


Here's our full season fixture list


only four losses all season which is pretty good.

Player Stats

So here's some player stats for you and Zivkovic had another good season but Cavilario was also a strong addition to the squad.


Top of both tables again for Zivkovic and has already passed Zlats total of 66 with a whole season still to go at Inter

Season Awards

And finally some season awards and we start with my new IF claiming the World Player Of the year


And our team claiming all the Italian season awards


So another great season just 1 more league title needed at Inter and my striker still on form for the hardcore version so let's hop we can win the league then get a quick move.

Stay Tuned

Edited by Taff
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I don't believe this for some reason during my season with Inter the game froze up on me so I restarted the game and now it won't load and I think I might have lost all my saves and I don't think there's anything I can do 

Absolutely Gutted if I have to start again for the third time

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So that's it I have lost all my progress due to some issue my game will not start and I have had to delete and reinstall the game loosing all my progress along with it so please stay tuned for Taffs (Follow the Zlat) Attempt V 3.0

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