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you find here below my team :                                                                                       P

                                                                                                           IF                                                       W


                                                                                                                       AP                        BBM




                                                                                                         WB            BPD                  CD               FB




1 Handanovic - GK

2 Santon - FB

3 Nagatomo - WB

4 Murillo - BPD

5 Miranda  - CD

6 - Medel - BWM

7 Perisic - W

8 Kongdogbia - BBM

9 Icardi - P

10 Brozovic - AP

11 Eder - IF

Attacking, mixed,mixed,mixed,normal, pressing ON

I accept tips about !


Thanks in advance !



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10 minutes ago, Dec said:

Play the BPD the other side so it isn't next to WB.

Just out of interest Dec, what benefits do you get from separating these two? And what are the issues with pairing them? 

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At the moment what you have is two players going forward one side. It means that they will be prone to a counter attack as they leave a massive gap that is hard to cover with. Separating them gives that man who can easily cover both.

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