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Career Impossible Challenge (my attempt)


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Hi,guys i am new to this forum anf this is my first career thread so any suggestions on improving my style are very much welcomed.so i will get down to the matter.

First of all credit to @Ashez

for posting this awesome challenge,I saw someone attempt the challenge and complete it last year (correct me if i am wrong),but this year i havent seen anyone doing this challenge (again,correct me if i am wrong) so i will be attempting the challenge.

I can explain the challenge to you but it will be easier to direct you to the challenge thread:


So these are the trophies i need to win



              Vanarama N/S

              Vanarama National 

              League One

              League Two


             Premier league

             FA Cup

             FA Trophy

             Capital One cup


             Community shield


             Serie A

             Italian cup 

            Italian super cup


          . Liga BBVA

           Spanish Cup

           Spanish super cup



            German Cup

           German super cup


            Champions league

            Europa league

            Euro super cup 

            Club world club


             World Cup

             Euro championship 

             Confederations Cup





I think i have covered all trophies so now the club i am going to manage is :



I will post the squad,transfers,tactics shortly

Once again all suggestions are warmly welcomed

I will be doing an update at the end of each transfer window and at the end of the season

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               Season 1 preview

So here starts my journey.The board's minimum requirements was a mid table finish,but since i have to win the league,I said i could reach the playoffs so i now have 36k to play with,but there is very less room in wage budget so I havent signed a lot .

                    The Squad:




  We have a very good squad for this level but there is only one GK at the club so I needed another one.The other areas of the squad are well equipped but we have a very thin squad so I will be looking into this matter next season.



Like i said minimal signings 

Johnny Lafferty: I always sign this guy in LLM saves he is a wonderful player with good attacking stats he has been brought to add some teeth to strikeforce

Joe Cracknell: Arrives as a backup GK but my scouts rate him as first choice, he is too young for a goalie at 20 so will use him only as a last resort




This is a very good tactic bit weak defensively but gives you  consistent wins. I might ch-ange this during the course of the challenge so its not fixed.

Now i will show you the results as on the end of the window



So that concludes this update.As usual suggestions are welcomed and if you like it please leave a comment.

Edited by Harish
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Help I cant host images from imgur when i paste the url and select insert into post it doesnt appear, Please help cant do the next update without resolving this

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       Season1 : Mid Season Update


So far, its been a wonderful season with a lot of ups and down.A bad patch of form,a heroic exit from the fa cup and a lot of close calls throughtout the fa trophy have made this season very dramatic so far.


Note: I have changed my presentation.Instead of posting straightforward.I will be posting a player of the update and will do an play by play update for important matches.Hope you guys will like it.




Peter Higgins: Arrives as a backup.Nothing more to say about him

I released a handful of players to balance the wage bill




Still maintaining the lead despite a bad run of form ,we look set to win it easily.

                        FA Cup:


Despite fighting our way to a replay,we just couldn't hold our nerves to win the shootout,a nice fight by the boys though.This trophy is going to available to for a long time unlike the fa trophy which is for the teams below the football league,so no worries.

                      FA Trophy:


A Rough run throughout the trophy we face eastleigh in the thrid round.I am aiming to win this one this season.The lesser the trophies I have to win next season the better.

            Player of the update:


             Johnny Lafferty                 

This guy has been spectacular in this season.Though he hasn't scored a lot,he has the ability to turn the tide in some seemingly lost matches.He will be a very important player next season

And that concludes this update,two trophies are almost in bag, will they happen?.Stay tuned to the thread to find out.Once again thanks for reading,and if you like it please leave a comment below.

Edited by Harish
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