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Career Carpi Save

Dar J

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I'd like to share the story about a save I'm currently running in the Italian Serie A with Carpi. The team was promoted to the serie A for the first time and the board expected me to avoid relegation. I put the expectation on myself to finish in mid table. To my greatest surprise I won the league in the first season without any transfers and I got knocked out in the semifinal of the Tim cup by Juventus.

I started with a 4-4-2, I won some games but I wasn't satisfied with the tactics so in a game i was loosing 1-0 and I wanted to get a goal back after halftime so I switched to a 4-2-3-1 (I will load the tactics below) and I didn't only get the goal back but I won the match and I finally liked how the team played so I started using using that tactics until it stopped working towards the end of the season so for good teams I played a 4-1-2-2-1. I won the manager of the year and my striker was the highiest goal scorer of the season, my team scored the most goal in the league and conceded the least in the season. I'm currently in the second season and I'm not doing too well in the league (I'm 4th) but I'm doing very well in the champions league I drew Bayern in my group and I finished 1st but bayern struggled to finish 2nd.

Below are screenshots of the first season. Let me know what you think about my tacticsScreenshot_2016-04-12-07-28-03.thumb.png





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