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Career Die Lillien:A Darmstadt Story


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Once I was a kid with dreams to become the greatest footballer in the world.Being born in an Italian family which wasnt rich but had a lot of contacts.I was given the chance to start my career at the great clubs of Milan and Turin.But I wasnt interested in starting my career there.I wanted to become a La Masia graduate.

After realising my determination my family relocated to spain and pulled some strings to ensure my place in the academy.The next five years were the hardest of my life.Juggling  between studies and football was hard,but the effort paid off.I was given a youth contract at the age of 18.My career had begun.

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11 hours ago, Joewins said:

Y not?

Sorry m8 the story deleted itself not sure what happened but retyping it will be ready in a matter of minutes

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The first chapter:

I was a slow starter and did not feature in the team until the second half of the season.But the moment I was given a chance,I grabbed it with both my hands.In just a few weeks,I had made myself undroppable.My performances soon caught the eye of the first team manager and soon I was promoted to the first team,I thought that my career was atlast starting to rise,but what happened then was the complete opposite.During my stay as a barca I only made 45 appearance of which 14 were a loan spell at Granada where I showed my true potential.But my own club did not realise my potential and I was left out.I realized what had happened.I was one of those rare players who are left out during the revamp of the squad.I realized that it was time for me to move on for the sake of my career,but no clubs were interested in me .There was a sudden interest by Inter but sadly a deal didnt materialise and my career continued to decline.But soon I was relieved when Arsenal put in a bid of 24 millon euros and  Barcelona accepted it.The turning point in my career had come.

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The next chapter:

The move to Arsenal gave a big boost to my career as I cemented a first team place for the next five years.At the end of my contract,I was offered a new improved one,but I decided to slow down my career and offered my mutual consent to terminate my contract.I was eventually picked by Lanciano and returned to my birthplace.Just 15 games in,I decided it was time.I announced my retirement at the end of the season.After retiring I spent time with my family but still I wanted to continue my relationship with the game .It was then I made the most important decision of my life.I decided to manage.

So thus,here I am after attaining my licenses and badges in a plane to Germany,looking back at my life

The club I was going to manage was SV Darmstadt.I was linked to a couple of championship clubs,but I had my own reason for choosing this job

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The Car screeched to an halt near the entrance.The driver turned back and smiled "How's that for a thrill?.I was a bit dazed and then laughed in reply "Just what I needed to shake my homesickness,thanks mate!."No problemo brother,we hope you bring glory to darmstadt.Good luck".And with that, he went down the hill towards the city.I turned towards the entrance,The gates were just majestic and the clubs logo wad embedded on it,my eyes went down to the man standing at the front of the gate,He was short but well built,He walked towards me and shook my hands in a kind gesture

"Welcome to Germany Mr.Harish"

"Please  call me Enrico,and thank you for the taxi you sent"

"Haha ,you liked Vlad then? I am not surprised that guy is just friendly to everyone

So....You called me here to?

Ohhh!!,I am extremely sorry,come on the board wants to meet you.

Okay lets go but first I need a glass of water,the climate change is getting to me ......


And we walked towards the club office

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12 hours ago, JackSwagger said:

Excellent story hopefully I can write one like that when I join an academy team im only 16 :D

Haha just make sure you dont end up like me lol

But seriously thanks for taking the time to comment,it really means a lot to me.

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Rise of the Die Lillien:

We went into the cluboffice,which was just your typical german building.The chairman who was the guy that welcomed me lead me to the conference room where the board members were waiting.

"Welcome to Germany,Enrico,how was your journey?"

"The trip was very comfortable,thank you for the first class seat."

"We do treat our staff nicely,so that was nothing.But enough chit-chat,we will get down straight to the matter 

"We only expect the club to do its best for survival and hopefully succeed,but relegation wont be a danger to your job,we will make 2.1 million available for transfers,the wage budget is yet to be decided.Are there any request you would like to make before we get started?"

"Well I am aiming to exploit both the loan and free market,so I request you guys to move the transfer funds to the wage budget."

"We can happily grant that,are there any other requests?"


"Then please sign this contract and we can get started"

The contract looked resonable to me so I signed it.I was now the official manager SV Darnstadt 98.


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Breaking News:SV Darmstadt appoint Enrico Harish

In what is seen as a surprising move,SV Darmstadt have appointed former Arsenal star Enrico Harish as their new manager.The Italian International who was linked to a lot of club in the spanish and the english league have shocked everyone by taking this job.Many journalists say that  Harish had made a grave mistake by choosing a club which is not going to help his reputation that he has built over the years.

We now go live to press conference that is happening at the club's ground.


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The conference:

EH:Enrico Harish.



CH:First of all I would like to thank everyone for coming at such a short notice.I am sure that all of you guys are waiting to meet the manager,so without delay here he is.

I walked to the mike stand,despite being a small club,darmstady really had a lot of media support,there were a mob of reporters present there.After watching me being silent,they decided to ask the questions.

RR:Despite the fact that you have no experience as a manager you were linked to a number of mid-table clubs.So,what made pick this club over the more popular ones?

EH:I know very well where you guys are coming to,but  even though the reason many footballers are managing is stay with the game,football management is a entirely different area.just because you are a world class football player doesnt mean that you are a world class manager.A footballer  groaning and throwing tantrums about not getting enough football will only feel what effect it has on the club and the manager,when he himself becomes one.A player can score a thousand goals and feel he is the sole person responsible for it,but the truth is he scores that because of the instruction and the tactic that is thought up by the manager.Many have failed in this field after failing to cope up with the expectations given at those clubs you have just mentioned.They don't understand your inexperience but at the same time you can't blame them,it's only normal that they should depend on you.It is the manager who has taken the wrong decisions and has both his career and the club in danger.The most important aspect in choosing a job is not how big the job is,it is choosing a job which suits your style,it is choosing a job  which your conscience fully accepts.I want to start at the very bottom of management and I wish to change darmstadt into an european powerhouse.

RR:What is your current expectations for this season?

EH: I haven't fully evaluated the squad but I do know that they are determined lot so I am aiming a finish between the 11th-15th place.We will do our best to progress in the cup,but for now the league's our main priority.

RR: Do you have any ambitions or a particular club to manage?

EH:Like said,I will stay with darmstadt as long as I can,but I wish to manage on the international scene.Any more questions?

No one responded so I thanked them for coming and withdrew myself,the chairman was addressing the reporters but I didnt stop to listen,Instead I walked straight to the ground where the players were waiting for me.


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The whole squad was assembled at the ground.my ass manager had already given the squad list to me,but I wanted to meet them in person.Here is the squad list :


  Luca Caldirola D 6'2" 174 lbs
  Júnior Enrique Díaz Campbell D 6'1" 168 lbs
  Jan Finger M 6'2" 161 lbs
  György Garics D 6'0" 168 lbs
  Jérôme Gondorf M 5'9" 168 lbs
  Benjamin Gorka D 6'5" 209 lbs
  Marcel Heller M 5'9" 154 lbs
  Fabian Holland D 5'8" 163 lbs
  Milan Ivana M 5'8" 161 lbs
  Florian Jungwirth M 5'11" 174 lbs
  Ali Kazimi M 5'11" 148 lbs
  Tobias Kempe M 6'0" 170 lbs
  Christian Mathenia G 6'2" 198 lbs
  Peter Niemeyer M 6'3" 183 lbs
  Patrick Platins G 6'3" 190 lbs
  Felix Platte F 6'3" 194 lbs
  Slobodan Rajković D 6'3" 194 lbs
  Konstantin Rausch D 6' 176 lbs
  Jan Rosenthal M 6'1" 161 lbs
  Marco Sailer F 5'7" 170 lbs
  Sandro Sirigu D 6'0" 174 lbs
  Yannick Stark M 6'1" 174 lbs
  Michael Stegmayer D 5'9" 168 lbs
  Dominik Stroh-Engel F 6'5" 201 lbs
  Aytac Sulu D 6'0" 176 lbs
  Nick Volk M 5'11" 146 lbs
  Mario Vrančić M 6'1" 170 lbs
  Sandro Wagner F 6'4" 198 lbs
  Noel Wembacher D 6'4" 187 lbs
  Lukasz Zaluska G 6'4" 194 lbs
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Some were talking in groups,some were playing and some were gazing at the sky,thinking something.I cleared my throat to let them know I was there.They all assembled into a single line

"Alright,by now I am sure everyone of you guys know who I am So let's just skip the pleasantries,I have watched your previous seasons,and from what I have analysed is that you guys are experts in turning the tide in seemingly lost matches,Am I right?"

I paused for a while and saw some of their faces swell in pride,while others remained as impassive as a rock.

"But it is time put your good times behind you,even though you wont accept it,everyone knows the team overacheived last year.This season is going to totally different.Even though the Spainards and the British have poached almost every world class players in the league,the incomings are equally dangerous,The media says we will finish last,*bleep* them.What do you guys say ,where will we finish?

Now everyone of their faced were fired up,they were ready to play under me.I was glad that my speech had the exact effect that I expected.I didnt want to sing songs about their achievements,which will make them complacent,neither did I want to go aggressive on them in which case I will lose their trust in me.

"I predict.....No,no,scratch that,I say we will finish in a mid-table position.I say we are the future champions of Bundesliga.Now  anyone who doesnt believe in my vision,please speak up."

I was surprised when one guy stepped out of the line.It was the team's backup goalie,Patrick Platins

"Yes Platins,please speak up if you have anything to say."

"Sorry boss,but I think a mid table finish puts more pressure on us,why can't we play along with the prediction?"

Every head turned towards his direction,I felt sorry for that guy.He had lost the trust of his team and me in just a minute.He was already regretting it.

"Well,let's just assume Bayern is predicted to finish in the 7th place just because of a misunderstanding,will they ever finish that low?"


"And the same goes for this case,just because our promotion was a bit lucky doesn't mean we are going to finish dead last.It all depends on a mentality of the squad.A determined team can easily beat anyone,no matter who it is."

I got an applause for this,Platins on the other hand,stepped back into the line,silently.

"Alright,you guys continue whatever you were doing,there will be some new faces coming soon,make them feel comfortable."

I dismissed them and they all went in different directions.Some returned to training,some walked to the physio centre to do a checkup,and some went in the direction of fans who were watching the session from outside.this team has a nice balance of personalities.This is going to be an exciting season.





Edited by Harish
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Vlaad dropped me off near a small diner.

"This is the place,Enrico"

"Well,thanks for the ride,man"

"No problemo,brother,anything for the manager of my favourite club"

"Haha,well I hope the new guys will make you happy"

"I don't care if Messi himself joins darmstadt.If he doesnt perform then he isn't fit to be here,but you are the boss,so go get em man."

He went down the hill,looking for fares,while I went inside to meet my soon-to be  signings:Kerrison,Asamaoh,Tommy Oar and Flavio Ferraria.

We all exchanged pleasantries and I sat down on the chair opposite to them.

"Well,you all know why I called you guys,so lets get down to business"

They all nodded their heads.

"First of all,I would like to stress the fact not all of will be given first team status,some of you guys are here to provide squad depth,not heroism.Capiche?

They again nodded their heads.

"So here are the wages I am prepared to offer you,If the contract doesn't satisfy you.I am prepared to insert the big club release."

They all considered the offer and signed their contracts.All expect Kerrision.He gazed at his contract for a long time and signed it and gave it back to me.I saw the contract, the tip of the pen was clearly pointing to the BC release clause.I smiled and ticked it.


"Thanks for understanding,Enrico"

"Ahh,kid I was in the same situation as you at the same club,I know what it is like to train hard to be noticed but left out once you hit big time,you are a perfect guy for the club and the fans are gonna love you,So if you guys turn up tommorow I will officially announce the transfers"

After that,they all departed,I walked out.Instead calling Vlaar I hailed a normal cab,I wasn't going back to the club.The cab dropped me off near a cuisine which was perched atop a hill overlooking a lake.What a magnificient view.Germany never ceases to amaze.The owner of the cuisine already knew why I was here and who I was here to meet.He directed me to the place where Chinedu Obasi was siiting.We exchanged pleasantries and he sat down while I kept standing.After understanding my urgency he spoke up.

"Mr.Harish,I have carefully considered your contract and now I am ready to accept it.My only request is I want sufficient playing time"

"That is not a problem,I have a feeling that you will be an incredible player for the club"

"Thank you for considering my demand"

We both went in different directions.




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Breaking News:

Today was a really bad day for Darmstadt fans as their successful manager,Enrico Harish was sacked following a board takeover.The new directors said,"Enrico has done a wonderful job ,but we think this club needs a more experienced manager,we wish him good luck wherever he goes".Enrico himself replied,"I will admit that I was very suprised,but the directors know what they are doing and I wish them well,I would also like to thank the fans for the amazing atmosphere they created during my reign".Many consider the sacking as a very bad move by the club.The Italian had successfully saved the club from relegation and had already secured some strong signings for the team,At the moment he is stongly linked to Bournemouth and Norwich and some other championship teams,but only time will tell.

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Sorry for the long absence guys,I have had a really bad year in fmm.But I am back and I will shortly reveal my next club.Once again sorry for the absence,especially @JackSwagger.


Edited by Harish
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