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Career The Brilliant Belgians


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I have had FMM16 for months I think at least 7 and I have hardly played it. I love full fat FM but my old laptop is just struggling and reboots to often to make playing the full game enjoyable.  So when I was contacted by JustM1kePlays to create some content. I thought yes that is something I would really like to do, English is my first language but I am dyslexic so apologies for all the wrong spellings.


Currently Belgium are ranked number two in the world by Fifa but when you look at UEFA they are ranked ninth just above their mortal enemies the Dastardly Dutch. So as this is my first time writing up what I do and how I play FMM I have set myself a very simple goal win the Champions League with a Belgian team.  I wont be picking a top team as I think that would just be too easy. 


The team I am looking at the moment is KV Mechelen


The last time they won the Belgian League was 1988-89 so they have not been good for a long time. 


What I wanted to ask the Vibe community was should have some rules to this challenge?


  1. 3 Belgians on the pitch at all times (unless of course injuries stop me)
  2. Only buy young players

So what do you guys think? If you played a Belgian team please tell me how you got on. Would winning the Champions League be to easy without some rules to spicy things up?




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Really nice idea, i think because you will be playing in the Belgian league, you should have more than just 3 belgians on the pitch, but thats just me let see what other people say, cheers.

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How about we go old school


  1. Minimum 3 Belgian players on the pitch
  2. Maximum 3 Non EU players on the pitch

Since I have never completed a season on FMM16 I am not sure how this will affect the difficulty of the challenge 


Okay Mechelen have a lot of Non EU players so this is going to be more difficult than I though.

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