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Chat Who is looking forward to FMM 17 already

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Hey guys...

Long time, no speak, I have had a rough ride since Xmas, losing my sister aged 32 ?, I was going to get back to editing, I decided not to in the end, building my relationship with the future Mrs Fozz, lol. I will probably offer an edit or 2 in the next few months, sometimes, circumstances dictate priorities and unfortunately right now, FMM is low down.

Anyway back to this thread, apologies if it has already been posted,I had a good look around.

Who is looking forward to the '17 installment...

For years I looked forward to FC Uniteds inclusion in the game, as I said earlier, this year my priorities dramatically changed, so I barely touched the game.

On the next installment I am looking forward to the inclusion of my team, Darlington, for the first time since FMH 2012 have we been playable without the use of an editor or making a changes.txt 4 years after an enforced relegation to the Step 5(9th Tier) Northern League of English Football.

Some good challenges for me next year will be

  • Darlington...My own team, battled back to National League North within 5 years of enforced relegation
  • Rangers...Back in the Scottish Premier League, relegated the same time as Darlington
  • Leicester...After there amazing season this year
  • Burton Albion...With Aston Villa and Newcastle in the Championship next season, the 2nd Tier is going to be quite strong. Burton will make a good challenge, there rise has been phenomonal having risen from the Northern Premier League, the 7th tier of the English League System in 15 years
  • As I said about my team back in National League North, our inclusion will add to a tough environment, with teams like FC United, Stockport, possibly Kidderminster, there could be interesting careers in NLN

I dont really take part in foreign challenges, I dont know the leagues well enough and I get bored very easy.

Now for the part where I say what I wish for...not necessarily for FMM '17, but in the future of the game

  • Better Finance System...The chance to see a bit more depth to the clubs finances, season ticket sales, matchday income and expenditure
  • Reserve/U21/Development Leagues...A place to develop our youngsters
  • Backroom Staff...Specialised coaching positions, Reserve/U21 manager and assitants
  • More Negotiation Options...A first refusal option, fee-paying loan deals w/view to buy
  • Rivalries...give each team a Primary and Secondary rival and the chance to build rivalries in the game ...e.g. my teams Primary rivalry being Hartlepool Utd, Secondary Rivalry would probably be Gateshead, York or Carlisle...The third rivalry could come from interaction in the game
  • Manager Mind Games/Rivalries...Fancy yourself as a master of psychology, like Messrs Ferguson, Wenger, Mourinho or Clough
  • More media interaction...Build up rivalries through press conferences
  • Friendlies...Pick our own friendlies, maybe along the lines of FM PC, with tours and Pre-Season Cups added.

Other things I would love to see in the future would be a stand alone editor on a PC where we could create our own League Systems and competitions like the PC game, that is probably pie in the sky, but, theres nothing wrong with dreaming is there. I do respect the hell out of Jay for his hard work in giving us the editor he works hard on.

Anyway thats enough from me, despite not being around for a long while, I still do keep track of Vibe now and again, and I look forward to renewing old acquaintances in the near future.

Take care guys and speak soon



Edited by marxistafozzski
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Nice suggestions there mate tbh 

The editor will never happen I doubt unfortunately I think all those things will come into the game at some point but not for fmm2017 maybe for 18 or 19

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Yeah...The editor idea will never happen, I can only dream...I always got more enjoyment editing games than playing them, see what mad ideas could I cobble together...At least we have Jays excellent PGE and I have had some enjoyment out of that, and I am quite good at editing, if I say so myself...

Thanks for the feedback

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