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Chat What's the scrapbook for?

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Hello again, just a question really,  what's the deal with the scrapbook? And the import/export opting for?

Can you import a player from one save to another?

It's been bugging me for a while now!

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I believe is for when you start a MyClub save, you can select the players that you put in your scrapbook.

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1. Save player to scrapbook.

2. Export player in scrapbook.

3. Import player when you start in Myclub model.

Tips: If you have IGE, you can edit player by IGE before you save the player. By this way, you can create any player you want in myclub model.

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In a players Options you can press add to Scrapbook then go to your Scrapbook and press Export and the current version of that player will be saved and can be imported into any of your other saves and compared with other players. You will see the scrapbook player version saved in saved_games

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