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Chat Has any had a son before in the game.

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Has any had a son before in the game i was just wondering and did he turn into a world-class player.

Also can you really unlock one after buying a player that retires after 10 years if so what happens if he stays 10 years but doesn't retire?


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If you sign a player and he plays at least a game a season for you for 10 years when he retires you'll get a son (one per save). If he lasts longer than ten years as long as he plays at least one game a season you'll get one when he retires. 

As for how good a son is it's completely random. A son works the same as your standard Regen apart from he takes your second name. I've had some trash over the years but also got lucky once or twice, it's just luck of the draw :). 

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Bear in mind your coaches can sometimes underestimate a son due to the suspicion of nepotism.

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