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Chat Players I Haven't Used In FMM2016 But Want To XI

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Hey guys

Today I bring you a cheeky Eleven that I fancy using in FMM2016 but haven't done so for whatever reason

Using a simple 4231 formation I'll start with the Goalkeeper 



So I've never managed Man United on this version and because of his pure cost I've not signed him and regret doing so but I normally get a younger keeper early doors and keep whatever goalkeeper already at the club until that younger keeper is ready so don't overspend on a keeper.

Right Back


Great young English option for Right Back that I've not touched. Mainly because of better options available for similar price like I'd rather go with Kyle Walker as a Spurs fan or Mario Fernándes has been a go to player for me this year.

Left Back 


I can't believe I've not signed this guy before! He's getting quite expensive on the game tbh and his position is quite hard to be spending a tonne of dosh on really I'd only want to spend 7-10m for this position so he never comes in as an option to be honest unfortunately.

Centre Backs 


Hummels and Godin are awesome players and just too much money for me for teams I tend to manage on the game.

Hummels especially goes for around 40m in the first window which is just to much for me and Godin being 29 and very expensive himself, looking at 30m, if say Laporte would be a better option for me alot of the time.

To be continued……

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I never start at a club that has a huge wage or transfer budget that would allow me to buy any of the above players. 

To keep my interest, i prefer a project of transforming or helping a team to reach its potential.

I will probably try starting out at a bigger team with the required funds at some point, even if its for a season. The players i havent used but would like to include Lewandowski and Depay or Reus.

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Central Midfielders


Both are great players but with Kovacic playing at Madrid unless you play as Madrid he's pretty unsinkable really unless you want to waste alot of money on him 

Veratti is one who whilst I have done a PSG save I've sold him in the first window so don't count that as managing him and for similar reasons to Kovacic he's already at a big club so it's going to cost a tonne to get in!

Left Winger


Okay I very nearly didn't choose Hazard after last night's goal that stopped Tottenham winning! But he is a player that always plays well against me but never signed him myself 

I think there's better cheaper options to go with like Sisto instead of paying 50-60m for him unfortunately.


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To fair I haven't managed alot of these players and this is a great list of players but really they are too expensive for most teams in the game.

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Right Winger


The title image gives this one away but it's always been a player I like but his wage demands and the improvement of the Russian League has made him hard to sign but would probably be worth it still! May well force myself to use this guy! The fact he plays in an unplayable league doesn't help which means I'd have to sign him to use him

Attacking Midfielder Central 


Free Kicks. Just for the Free Kicks. 




Again the Title image is a giveaway but this geezer is the real deal when it comes to strikers! 5 goals in, I think, 9 minutes was crazy! 

I've used the majority of the well known decent strikers at some point just not Good Old Robert! 

One day mate, one day.



Well that's it lads.

That's the team that never was for me. Think about what other well known, big players have you not used and then have a word with yourself and ask why the hell not haha I'm starting a Bayern save right Now!!

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Great list i have used Rodriguez in FMH15 and he was decent, and I have used Verrati but I think he is too expensive and you can get Sturaro who is a similar player for 20M and for Verrati you have to pay 50 or more


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I have never really used Lionel Messi. :( He's too expensive and i can't get the motivation to start a FC Barcelona save.

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33 minutes ago, UKFootballScore said:

A MyClub could be made but no point really haha don't think anyone would play a career with them 

Yeah, but tbf I haven't touched MyClub this year 

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7 hours ago, UKFootballScore said:

A MyClub could be made but no point really haha don't think anyone would play a career with them 

I didn't mean a downloadable, my bad I wasn't clear lol, I meant a cheeky one season wonder from yourself ?

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I've personally out of those never used Rodriguez, Hummels and Godin. 

Clyne I used in my Liverpool save. De Gea I used when I raided Man Utd after a shocking relegation in my Sheffield Wednesday save.

My own list includes Joshua Kimmich (who I missed signing at the start for about 19m), instead opting for Martin Ødegaard (who I too was surprised I could prise from Madrid's hands). I've had a team built on wonderkids, but still haven't used Thiago Maia or Andres Cubas.

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