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Chat Pre Editor on Chromebook

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Use Developer Mode and Install Wine

Important: Wine won’t run on ARM Chromebooks, such as the $250 Samsung Series 3 Chromebook. Wine will work properly on Intel Chromebooks.

Wine is an open-source compatibility layer that allows Windows applications to run on Linux and Mac OS X. Wine is desktop software that can’t be installed and run on the typical Chrome OS desktop, but Chrome OS is based on Linux.

To install Wine on a Chromebook, all you have to do is enable developer mode and install Crouton to get a Linux desktop alongside your Chrome OS system. You can then install Wine on the Linux desktop and use it to install Windows programsjust as you’d install Wine and Windows programs on a typical Linux desktop. This would allow you torun the standard version of Microsoft Office on a Chromebook, although you’d be better off withMicrosoft’s official Office Web Apps unless you require advanced features.

Whenever you want to use a Windows program, you could just switch between your Chrome OS system and typical Linux desktop with a keyboard shortcut — no need for rebooting.

Wine isn’t perfect, so it won’t run every Windows application and may not run some applications without manual tweaking. Consult the Wine application database for more information about supported applications and tweaks you may need


Source: www.howtogeek.com


Also take into account your processing speed and how much ram you have, but, hope this may help.

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