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How To Manage Parma: A Simple Guide

Hi all, this my first topic on Vibe so if it is not up to scratch please let me know. Many fans of FMM have wished to be able to manage Parma to restore them to their former glory. Unfortunately Serie D is not available in FMM and most players wait a year for the job to become available but never get the job. Well today I present a simple guide on how to get the job.

Raise Your Reputation to National

This is the one obstacle that holds many fans back due to them not knowing Parma's reputation has been preventing them from getting the job. Despite being a Serie C club when the job becomes available, Parma's reputation is National which means many players who start off in Serie C hoping that their lower league experience will get them the job. In reality the job always goes to someone with a national reputation. I recommend starting with Juventus and raising you reputation before applying for the job. 

Alternative Method

(This Can be Classed as Cheating)

An alternative to the above is to lower Parma's reputation through the IGE. This will allow you to holiday the first season then get the job the next season, due to the fact when you lower Parma's reputation they are then looking for a lower class manager.image.thumb.png.e648fe3c51a6b994a5ca2a7cimage.thumb.jpeg.f57e8e8941e26af6ae5d852

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