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Career A North East Title Push - Ross County

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So here I go on an unexpected journey which starts in the North East of Scotland. The Dons are there well known as along with other nicknames The Reds, The sheep. Yes you read right there.

Playing at Pittodrie which holds a capacity of 20,961, Aberdeen in their rich history have won 4 league titles and 7 Scottish cup triumphs. They established 3 in a row and there most successful spell was in the 80's. Important to know they are the only Scottish club to win 2 European Titles thanks to a certain Sir Alex Ferguson and they never have been relegated from the top tier of Scottish football. They recently ended a drought of trophies when they won the 2013-14 Scottish League Cup. 

FMM Save

So what do I entend to do, having enjoyed pervious (FMM & FMH) domination in both domestic and european terms with Rangers i'd like to do the same objective. In time and I stress in time, ha ha.

Of course in the short term I would like to improve the current squad which in its own format should be punching well above the top 6.

First Season

Objectives - League - Without Rangers on the first season 2nd place is certainly up for grabs and it's something I'd like to use to my advantage. No guarantees how far or how competitive I'll be with Celtic but of course we'll push as much as we can expectation is we should challange for the title in about 2-3 years give or take.

European - Live in hope, that sums up the expectation we are in the early stages of qualification into the Europa league and of course we have to start in round 1, potentially some hard qualifying ties lie ahead. If we get into the group stages then I'll be happy with that, but I hope it won't become a hindering once I qualify if I do.

DomesticCups - I'm hoping to continue the League Cup success from season 13-14.

Here is my transfers out from 1st seasonScreenshot_2016-05-07-12-05-55.thumb.png

Flood, Mcginn and Robson former Celtic players all left the club. They were eating away at my wage budget and knew I'd generate at least some revenue by selling Flood and Mcginn for better players.

Players In Screenshot_2016-05-07-12-05-37.thumb.png

Vaughan who I am a big fan of will be cruticial part of the season playing behind Rooney in an advanced 4-2-3-1 formation. He is more than capable of banging 30+ a season and expect him to deliver.

Screenshot_2016-05-07-12-06-17.thumb.pngHe improves within a short period of time not bad for 35k and look at his form already!

I will provide another update later on #RevivetheFMMCommunity 

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17 minutes ago, JustM1kePlays said:

Nice intro post. Have a lot of information and you have laid out what you expected to achieve in your fist season. Good luck. I am looking forward to the next update

Thanks Mike 

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1st Season - A good start.....?

There's a reason why I finished the above sentence with a question mark. Interested? Good read on. It started well as Vaughan was making an early impact for us in our qualifying games for the Europa League. Indeed an impressive results against Trabzonspor back to back was the highlight, who have the likes of expierenced striker Cardozo who at 32 still possess excellent attributes with his shooting at 20 and former Chelsea and QPR defender Jose Bosingwa. Below is my start of my season results, although disappointing defeat's against Hearts and Patrick left a below par start to our league campaign.


So did we qualify well after victory's over the 2 highland clubs we played an unknown Israeli side, who I have forgotten! Poor show I know, our group with us being the lowest rank seeds gives us little hope I'd say a 5% chance of qualifying for the knockout stages. 

Dortmund, Club Brugge and Southampton all in our group. Our 1st game vs Southampton proved what an uphill battle we faced with the saints beating us quite comprehensively 4-1 at St Mary's. We at least know we won't finish our group without a point with a good 2-2 draw at home against Belgium side Club Brugge, disappointed we never won it to be honest. A 25 yard screamer being a highlight for us.


Here's the league table and we are where I said we wanted to be all be Hearts have a game in hand. A respectable 1-1 draw with Celtic at Parkhead in another game we perhaps didn't take our chances. Vaughan, Rodgers and McLean have been impressive for us as has 23 yearnold midfielder Ryan Jack. I am disappointed with Hayes despite playing well for Aberdeen in real life he has been poor when coming on or starting and this may well be his last season wearing the dons jersey.


Here's Vaughan so far, I have been alternating him in an AMC role behind Rooney or playing him up top on his own and he hasn't had a too bad return scoring 8 and setting up 4, as predicted he will be a key part of our season.


He's been solid for us and you can see via the league he has only conceded 6 in the league and that's all that matters. Well for me just now anyways.

So I'll progress as you do, thanks for the comments. Next update will include some League Cup\Scottish Cup news and I think I will do that before the split, unless I have something interesting to show you. Hopefully the axe will stay clear if I continue what I'm doing at the moment.

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30 minutes ago, JustM1kePlays said:

Cracking first update mate. Vaughan seem to be huge for you. Thay 7.41 average rating already. Let hope he can continue that form.

Yeah he's going to be key to my plans, I expect he will certainly grow as he gains experience

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Yes you did read right. Largerly disappointed that I was sacked after all I was still sitting in 2nd and I was in the league cup Semi-Finals. I was well knocked out of Europe but with teams like Dortmund, Southampton I had next to no chance. That's my version of events I'll let you judge.Screenshot_2016-05-08-14-23-03.thumb.pngSo here's the fixtures leading up to my sacking I never made it to the away tie at Dingwall (Ross County). My last win was vs Dundee on the 28th of November as you can see. Perhaps I should have won against Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Inverness but I never Screenshot_2016-05-08-14-11-50.thumb.png

I responded to Lee Clark's comments via the press (Kilmarnock Manager) about our chances of winning the title! Absouletly no chance and that's what I said, probably put the final nail in the coffin.Screenshot_2016-05-08-14-34-13.thumb.pngSince my departure they lost in the league cup final after extra time.Screenshot_2016-05-08-14-38-56.thumb.pngAnd finished 4th in the league...

Where to now?

My reputation was sitting at local which gave me next to no chance of picking up another job. Although a title in the north east of Scotland will carry on. Just not with Aberdeen, perhaps Ross County. Stay zoned in am not finished yet there will be a North East title push....One day


Edited by george144
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Unlucky, I have lost and drawn more games in my Bradford City Career (9 and 12 respectively) but have not been sacked

As for your ambitions with Ross County I wish you luck. Hopefully Jackson Irvine (Australian youngster) is still playing for them

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On 09/05/2016 at 07:35, Real_Random said:

Unlucky, I have lost and drawn more games in my Bradford City Career (9 and 12 respectively) but have not been sacked

As for your ambitions with Ross County I wish you luck. Hopefully Jackson Irvine (Australian youngster) is still playing for them

Indeed he is and will play his part throughout this season

On 09/05/2016 at 04:52, ZenithStriker said:

This will be an interesting save. Keep it up. :)

Thanks apprenticed

Edited by george144
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Ross County New Beginnings -

Nervous? Absolutely. Let's face it I ain't exactly an expert telling my football manager stories on a platform like this infact I am ashamed to admit I was a stranger in these parts until recently.

While I appreciate the encouragement and comments and I do I often wonder will you get bored. Having been sacked in a short period of time with Aberdeen I hope at least this save will be longer.  

Ross county formed in 1929 enter the Scottish League in season 1994-95 after being an established side in the Highland Leagues.

There 1st ever trophy was won in November 2006 in the Challange Cup on penalties. They secured top flight status in 2012 and have recently won the Scottish League Cup after beating Hibs 2-1. Of course that doesn't count. 

Aims and Objectives

Unlike Aberdeen I face a battle at the bottom of the table. Board expect me to avoid relegation and I am hoping to do that by at least finishing above the relegation/playoff places. 

League Position - 9th

I won't be too bothered regards League or Scottish Cups my main focus and priority is to maintain the league position above. 




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Season 1 -  

It's been mentioned about former Celtic youngster Jackson Irvine on this thread who of course is now part of my setup naturally I'm sticking with my 4-2-3-1 formation and needed someone to play next to him.Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-36-13.thumb.pngI brought Nascimento on a loan deal from CFR Cluj and while his physical attributes are not the best he definetly marks the cards as a solid midfield player and fits into the midfield with Jackson Irvine playing next to him. His form so far suggests he will be a solid midfielder and a player who will be keep for us to retain our top flight status.


We brought Caddis in on a free transfer. A 22 year old winger who still has a lot to offer after being released from St Johnstone. Again a former Celtic youngster, there's a pattern starting to develop! He has again like Filipe been quite consistent form wise.Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-35-43.thumb.png

Naturally with nothing to spend I had to generate income somewhere and a deal for Craig Curran for 150k was agreed with Blackburn. The rest of the players I released as they where surplus to the squad and I doubted they would really punch into the 1st team squad.


We all know about Vaughan from my Aberdeen save and it made sense to bring him to county. Young Urquhart was available on a free transfer with experience again from being a former youth academy product from Rangers as was Stoney who has been released from Stanraer. 

Another loan deal was made for youngster Sukar from Dundee United another player in the Scottish game who I rate highly and will try to sign him on a permanent deal.Screenshot_2016-05-10-17-35-15.thumb.png

Here's how it has been so far an early exit from the league cup from championship side Dumbarton after extra time (my local club) other than that I have been happy with the teams performance so far and hoping to obviously continue what I have started.

11 hours ago, Real_Random said:

I wish you luck hope you can save Ross County 

Cheers hopefully avoid relegation if I can.

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16 hours ago, Real_Random said:

I wish you luck hope you can save Ross County 


4 hours ago, Real_Random said:

Great start can't wait to see a title in the trophy cabinet

A wee bit away from that I reckon! Thanks though

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Season Review - 1st Season

I was sitting thinking I'm going to relegated, the January transfer window was opened and here we were limited in funds. Of course we were under no illusions about the task facing us. So I made the decision to search the market for additions to the squad. I brought Fraser Aird on Loan from Rangers for the rest of the season as an choice in the wide areas and he proved to be an ideal short term signing. We also made a signing in the defence with Les Desmond signing from St Pats for a sum of £140k a solid defender as you can tell below with the screenshot taken just 4 months after he joined the club he's more than doubled his value. Good value for money don't you think?Screenshot_2016-05-11-16-45-18.thumb.png


We made another bid for Irish winger Timlin for just under 90k and looks again to be an ideal asset to the club.


Again he's more than doubled in value although form has been a bit up and down I feel he is still adapting to life at the club although Desmond should help him settle. 

I won't go on and this may not surprise you but as the split came we found ourselves right in the basement battle.Screenshot_2016-05-11-13-04-40.thumb.png

Even after a 2-1 win against bottom club Motherwell we found ourselves 3 points from the drop and 2 points from the playoff positions, not good for your health!!! Especially when your wife asks what are shouting at as if Vaughan could hear me.


The last game of the season and we find ourselves in a nervous position, I knew I wouldn't be relegated and worst I would find myself in was as playoff position. Hold on I know it still is possible but when the last game of the season was Motherwell vs Hamilton it is impossible.

We need either a win or a draw and hope Hamilton didn't "batter" newly appointed Billy Davis side by 4+ more goals.......They didn't (Phew)


We picked a point up at Rugby Park which secured our top flight status regardless of what happened in the other fixture. Emotional scenes to the say the least as Jackson Irvine was particularly emotional maybe something to do with attention elsewhere? (Wait and see) Celtic where crowned champions of Scotland unsurprisingly and Dundee finished runners up.

Hamilton managed to stay up following there playoff win against former top flight team St Mirren.Screenshot_2016-05-11-13-33-38.thumb.png

So I will upload the start of season 2 and perhaps a January update. But as a wee added insight the chairman approached myself after the game and informed me that the club would be hit with a tax bill costing the club in the region of 950k.

What impact will if any this will have in the club? We shall await and see. Thanks for reading. Same ambitions as next season we've to avoid relegation.Screenshot_2016-05-11-13-41-09.thumb.png


End of season fixtures above which resulted in another top flight season.


Lewis Vaughan's 1st season. Not bad

Edited by george144
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Nice job bit of a shame you went from challenging for the league at Aberdeen to fighting against relegation at Ross County. Still fantastic job at County hope to see more next season (even though you just want to avoid relegation)

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Season 2 - North East Title Push Ross County

So season plans hampered a bit with the unexpected tax bill, I have in all the years of playing FMH/FMM only came across that maybe the once, given I've played the game for 7 year. I had 52,000 wage wise and was thinking about using some of that by adjust the wage and transfer budget I had available which was £1k. Given events I was hardly surprised at being given so little. I knew my squad needed improvement to avoid last seasons close call and it was it went to the last day, which I didnt intend for it to do. So players leaving the club was inevitable included in the list are also January's transfer signings which will as promised be for a later postScreenshot_2016-05-11-21-33-49.thumb.pngThe main transfer out as am sure you'll notice was Jackson Irvine, of course I'd have like to have kept him I did reject a bid from Rangers of £450k only for the midfielder to express his dissatisfaction at me rejection the bid hense why I choose to let him go for a much needed £475k to Fulham. Former Aberdeen and Rangers Right Back Richard Foster was transferred to Elgin on a free transfer after being told his services where no longer required. I had some money to play with...Screenshot_2016-05-11-21-33-41.thumb.png

Okay so I've spent all of the transfer money received from Irvine and I had to the biggest transfer was Argentinian right back Oscar Rios from Valez at a fee of £190k. I'll let you decide if he was worth the money spent. Screenshot_2016-05-11-21-34-22.thumb.png

He's decent and is a key 1st team player. We have Quinn who is our captain and can play throughout the defence although Rios is twice the player he is and is a step in the direction for the club.

So how did the season start? Far better than expected despite defeats from Dundee and Aberdeen.Screenshot_2016-05-11-19-29-05.thumb.png

We also managed to contain Celtic to a goalless draw at park head a d we are progressing well through the league cup with wins against Morton and an penalty shootout win vs Hearts. Although we were back to some kind of normality following the results below Screenshot_2016-05-11-19-29-24.thumb.png

So as you can see it is business as usual but still upbeat about my season as you will see in a further update/updates tomorrow thanks as usual for reading.

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15 minutes ago, Real_Random said:

Nice job bit of a shame you went from challenging for the league at Aberdeen to fighting against relegation at Ross County. Still fantastic job at County hope to see more next season (even though you just want to avoid relegation)

Yeah I think sometimes different boards expect too much from you. Although watch this space fingers crossed you'll hear more tomorrow.

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7 hours ago, george144 said:

Yeah I think sometimes different boards expect too much from you. Although watch this space fingers crossed you'll hear more tomorrow.

Can't wait to see the next update. Also whenever I play as Aston Villa the board expect me to attain a respectable league position so I understand what you mean about the board

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January update

I did promise a small January update and with news of one of my new additions to the squad. As I start to carry on this save your always aware of your key objectives especially at a smallish club, we are in the top flight, yes but even at that in drawing comparisons we'd be competiting in league 2 in England, it's something I tend to think about in playing a save in FMM in Scotland. When trying to make an unestablished club established there are a lot of more work to do.

Making the club financially stable - There ain't much money going about in the Scottish game. Unlike our counterparts in England or other countries such as France, Spain etc...

Adjusting the squad - Basically as it is. Well you've got to make adjustments and even the odd sacrifice, even if it is a key player. Risk and reward is the main key objective.

Keeping the board/fans happy - That is a hard aim in its self as this save and Real_Random has indicated and I agree. Look at Aberdeen when I lost against Dortmund and Celtic teams who surely I want expecting to beat yet still maintaining the goal of 2nd place. I think I under estimated what you say regards if challenging for the title. Ultimately I reckon that cost my job, but think about it are you going to turn around and say to the board you expect to be challenging for the title when your 15\17 pts behind and then the board raises its expectations. No I didn't think so.

Featured Signing

Having Graham and Vaughan as options up front was excellent both playing well but I never had any real back up should one of them get injured. I was increasingly using Vaughan again behind the striker so I decided to search for a young forward.Screenshot_2016-05-11-21-34-17.thumb.png

20k it's a gamble but one I am willing to take. His teamwork isn't great, his positioning is abysmal but his shooting, pace and technique can't be ignored. I shall show you later today how he faired for his 1st few months.

We had a small matter of the League cup Semi-Finals I was actually looking forward to it too I had a real chance. No Celtic or Rangers they were knockout in the competition in earlier rounds. We had a tie against Hibs a game which would go all the way...Screenshot_2016-05-11-21-32-51.thumb.png

And we're through a win on penalties for the second time in the competition which set us up for a final clash against Hamilton, which you will see how we fair later today.

My save is attracting big names to the league, we had the return of Alex McCleish to Dundee United well known for his time at Rangers and Scotland as manager and a former Liverpool defender. Being on Sky must be boring 


He's one who always pops up isn't he? And here's the latest league table before I go and play some more Screenshot_2016-05-11-22-48-25.thumb.png

Yeah 5th brilliant and in the top half for the split could be a realistic opportunity, we shall see with awaited breath.





Edited by george144
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Nice job in reaching the final and that new striker looks decent. Hope he can fire you up the table a bit and offer you more goals in the Scottish Cup Final

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11 minutes ago, Real_Random said:

Nice job in reaching the final and that new striker looks decent. Hope he can fire you up the table a bit and offer you more goals in the Scottish Cup Final

League cup final ;)

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High expectations

A league cup final was upon us a potential top 6 finish, all unexpected but certainly welcomed. There is a part of me though concerned about the expectations of finishing in the top 6, that would be that the ground would be laid and we would now try and establish our selves as a top 6 side. Eventually competing in places for Europe before achieving our ultimate goal and win the title.

As a start for next season I will show you a bit more in depth of the squad I play as I said before am sure a 4-2-3-1 with the focus being on the top 4 which comprises of a AF, 2 wingers and an AP usually being Vaughan.

Our main excitement was the 1st final of a domestic competition for myself as Ross County manager, The league cup against Hamilton. How did we do? We just fell short Screenshot_2016-05-11-23-24-43.thumb.png

Hamilton just edged the victory over us despite us having the momentum and defeating them 2 weeks ago Hamilton where worthy winners on the day. There wasn't much time to grovel over the defeat we had a top 6 finish to fight for Screenshot_2016-05-11-23-48-51.thumb.pngOkay it isn't clear from that but am glad to say we managed a top 6 finish well beyond our expections. A 4-0 defeat against our local revials in the highland derby wasn't a welcomed result however we finished well and have something substantial to build for next season. To establish ourselves as a top 6 side.


5th in the table and just missing out on a European place. Already looking forward to next season. Screenshot_2016-05-11-23-53-43.thumb.pngand our expectations are same again for next season.


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