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Challenges Vibe Premier League 2016 - The Revamp

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Vibe Premier League 2016 - The Revamp


Welcome back to the Vibe Premier League, the 2016 edition, and with the help of fellow member DSW and Risheek, I am presenting you this Interactive Experience



With the second season of our favorite Interactive Experience,  we’re once again hoping for your participation and interest in this just like the last time!

Following on with the tradition of using the idea of IPL (Indian Premier League) - like Auctions,  bidding for players will,  as you all know,  be done on the thread itself with the player having a base price of 1 million.


Here's the basic rules for you all to understand :


  • So, as last year, you will have 500 million budget.

  • But instead of aiming at Spanish 3rd division players, you are going to be aiming at bigger players, current world stars, and even LEGENDS.

  • Yes you heard it right, LEGENDS, you are going to bidding for legendary players, Di Stefano, George Best, and much more…

  • You guys will be bidding for these players at a starting price of 1 million for each player.

  • Once you have assembled a squad, you will be edited into the Premier League and start playing the ultimate game.

  • But of course, this will have some special features, I mean, that’s why it’s called “The Revamp”, right? It will be announced in due course…

  • There is going to be 10 spots like last year, so sign-up quickly!

  • So, without further-a-do, let’s get started!!!!!!!!


Still have a few doubts on how you can have fun and understand?  Here's the link to the first season of VPL : http://vibe.community/forums/topic/26847-fmhvibe-premier-league/


Note : As you all know. We couldn't commence VPL last year after the draft had been completed as a lack of in-game editor made it hell for us to form a database with Complete changes.  You should be happy to hear that both the members here have the IGE this year. So making changes and creating the teams is child's play.


Sign-up Form for VPL2016 (Copy and paste the following)




  • Vibe username:

  • Club name:

  • Kit Colours

    1. HOME Colors:

    2. Away Colors:



Members already signed up:





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3 minutes ago, UKFootballScore said:



White/Dark Blue

Dark Red/Dark Blue

Great to have you on board mate. !  

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Vibe username: M4cc4n4

Club name: Bangor FC

Kit Colours

             Home Colors: Yellow and Blue

             Away Colors: Blue and Yellow

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  • Vibe Username:Harish
  • Club name:Wolf Riders
  • Kit colours:
  • Home colours:Yellow and black
  • Away colours:Black and White
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  • Vibe Nombre de usuario: Elrabos
  • Nombre del club: FC Kerala
  • colores del kit:
  • Inicio colores: White and Red wine
  • colores de distancia: Blue and White
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