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Challenges High Expectations

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I'm this challenge I thought about strikers and how everyone thinks that they should be as good as Jamie Vardy and score in loads of games in a row or like Harry Kane just score when he wants and however many he wants but there are strikers that are sometimes inconsistent some games they are awesome the next can't get a shot on target being an Arsenal fan watching Giroud some games is stressful and I thought of how I always expect him to be better every season so this challenge is that your starting striker has to score 30 goals each season if they fail this target you must sell them and buy in a new striker.


  1. Your striker is named your starting striker if he starts more than 20 games a season if not no sale is needed to be made
  2. If your starting sticker gets injured then you can add 1 goal for very 2 games he misses (for example he gets injured for 7 games 3 goals are added to his total at the end of the season)
  3. No cheating is aloud (restarting to carry on a streak that they may be on or really restating overall)
  4. No editors (IGE or pge)
  5. You must post your strikers season stats and who you sold him too if he didn't reach his goal of 30 goals (also who you buy)  
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