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Tactics 3-2-2-3 Rotator

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Won the prem with Aston Villa!

Whilst I have never won the league with a poor side in season 1 I do still have some reservations with the setup. If anyone has time to test I would be grateful. We tailed off toward the end of the season and ended up winning on goal difference. But remember this is with Alan Hutton in my first 11 ?.

The tactic is pure counter attack so pace is important and 2 natural AP's and BPD's will make a noticble difference. If you are unsure on any rolls try an auto-pick to get an idea of which players the AI deems suitable for the formation. The IF will be your star man.

I have done a season with Barca where I auto-picked every game and won every competiton but that wasn't much of a challenge. 

Even in the Villa save 3 losses and 2 draws came before I had settled on the final tactic. Herr are some highlights' prem table and tactic.







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in computing the source code is a collection of instructions so similar to a tactic I guess.

I didn't overthink it tbh I just put something in the title so I could start the thread ???

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Will be starting a new save soon and may give this a shot 

Normally I go into crazy detail on a new save and come up with something original for my team and build towards it getting the perfect players for that system but gonna have a look into this system and see what team will fit best 

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@UKFootballScore would love to see what you could do with it. 

I only started a career with Villa to test it but am tempted to carry on now and buy players specifically for the formation etc. If you watch the 2D pitch some of the counter attacking is electric.

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12 hours ago, Piggers5 said:


What would you recommend for the wide left role @PoPo Chan


Defensive Winger or Wing back I think because it holds the attacking ability and the defensive one 

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Great tactic.

Played as Newcastle, ended up finishing 2nd... on the last day of the season! Had been in 1st most of the season, had the usual dips but I lost on the last game of the season, Chelsea won and topped the league by 2 points. Gutted!

I did however, win the FA cup, beating Man Utd in the final.

BPD's do make a difference, as stated in the OP, as do good AP's - with money in the summer I'll be making sure I improve both of these areas. Having pacey strikers is a must too!

I had Pratto as my IF too, he had a great season...



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@Piggers5, how you getting on?

In my 2nd season I don't seem to be doing anywhere near as well, despite strengthening quite a bit.

You made any changes, or are you still doing well?

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