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Taffs 31411/23212 (testers needed)

Hello there Vibers I'm back and after getting very frustrated that my usual tactics don't seem to be working anymore I came up with the following two tactics

The first I've been testing with my Juventus team in my follow the Zlat attempt and after half a season it's working fairly well (second in the league equal on points)

The second I set up as a back up (as @Dec says in his guide to creating tactics it's good to have a plan B, but not had the chance to really test it)

They both use the same set of instructions as I believe a balanced set of instructions works best but I am looking for any thoughts, ideas or feedback so please feel free to criticise I'm open to anything to help me out)



As I said I like my team to be balanced and not set to a limited set of instructions (but I do prefer Committed Tackling)

Tactic #1


Now this tactic is loosely based on a variation of my first tactic using 3 at the back and brining the IF/W back to the more central area to help support both the forwards and backs, the main difference being only one at the front and a defensive midfield position the aim is to have a good amount of balance between all the area's of the field

Tactic #2


The plan B tactic simply brings the WM/W back into DW positions and swaps a CD for a second Striker adding both defence and attack into the formation

So there they are and like I said I would love to have some testers and any and all feedback is welcome these are not my typical formations without a IF seems strange but hopefully it works

Cheers guys


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11 minutes ago, theundergoat said:

I'd use a DW instead of WM in the 1st tactic because the WM would come inside leaving the whole right side open due to you not having a DR.

I'll give it a go cheers dude, I'm switching out the PCR with a DLF too see if that helps

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Well I've completed a season with my #1 tactic (swapping the WM for a DW as suggested)

And we did fantastically well


We went the whole season with only 2 losses (one of which was our first game and we lost to Inter on Pen's after a 0-0 draw).  Forgot to get a screen shot of the season table but we won by 9 points and only conceded 19 goals in the league

Here's the season fixtures 


A lot of draws and 1-0 wins but we also had some great results too (OK so we won the Italian Cup on Pen's and the Champions cup in Extra time but still good)

Here's how my players stacked up


35 goals for my primary PCR not too bad (Puel would have had more but i moved him to the W position and brought in a new AP

So I think it's fair to say it's not a bad tactic but I'd still love some testers if anyone is interested 

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Going to test this tonight with a smaller team (Watford or Burnley maybe) in the EPL and see if I could get them continental qualifications. Will post my results tomorrow or the day after but first some questions:

1- The regular one, EME, I guess?

2- Is the backup tactic as effective as the main one? I really haven't seen any good double or triple striker tactics ever since 7.1.

3- Which one would you recommend for a small team, that doesn't leak a lot of goals and still has the potential to score against bigger teams?

4- Is there a chance I could fit an IF in any of the tactics? The new version really helps IFs score a lot and in tight situations.

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There both for EME

Truthfully I didn't really use the backup all that much and when I did use it I ended up switching to the regular tactic

I'm not sure which one I'd recommend but If your serious about a 2 striker combo have a look at either of my other tactics Return or the Taff or Taffs Attacking 442, they were working great for me but wanted something new

The IF I'd recommend trying one of two things either change the AP to an IF or move the W up the pitch and using him as an IF (only issue here could be leaving a big gap down the flank)

Hope that's helped 

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i am currently ending my Burnley career in season 1. Looking to be promoted soon as i am currenly second with a couple of games to go. Will give your tactics a go in season 2 but i need some time as i will be away for a few days. Once i get back i will post the results here. nice job btw your previous tactics like the 4-2-2-2 works like a charm so i am looking foward to use your tactics :)


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48 minutes ago, Lunar Strike said:

Actualmente estoy terminando mi carrera Burnley en la temporada 1. Estoy aquí para ser promovido pronto como soy currenly segundo con un par de partidos para el final. Dará a sus tácticas de un ir en la temporada 2, pero necesito algo de tiempo que voy a estar fuera durante unos días. Una vez que regrese voy a publicar los resultados aquí. buen trabajo por cierto sus tácticas anteriores, como el 4-2-2-2 funciona como un encanto, así que estoy buscando foward a utilizar sus tácticas:)


what tactic use? sorry for my english

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