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Chat Will Grigg's On Fire! Should Your Defence Be Terrified?


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Will Grigg's On Fire! Should Your Defence Be Terrified?

In today's article we will be looking at the latest player who's grown in fame due to a catchy chant associated with them and as the title suggests we'll be looking at Wigan's Will Grigg. 

Day One Stats


End Of Season Stats - AI Controlled


After a year of AI training Grigg turns into a pretty handy lower league striker as his shooting, dribbling and movement have turned green. His physical stats leave something to be desired however as he could use some more pace to truly abuse his stats in his preferred role of advanced forward. All in all I found this a pretty solid improvement for an AI controlled player and I can only speculate he'd improve even more under intensive training. 

The Solihull born striker has been in inspired form in the last two years as he's slotted home 45 goals in 84 matches in spells with MK Dons and his current club Wigan Athletic. Has this form transferred to the in game version of the player is the question however so let's have a look at a simulation. 

AI Simulation


Wigan endured a poor season in League One in this save as they finished outside the playoffs in eighth position, this poor form however wasn't a reflection of their striker as he had a respectable season even if he was under utilised by the AI. The Northern Ireland international found the back of the net 13 times while he also set up his team mates 7 times which means he contributed 20 goals in 28 appearances. This might not catch the eye compared to human manager results but for an AI manager I think this is pretty decent and I'm sure a human manager could bring a lot more out of him. 

Will Grigg's Contribution To Wigan

Goals - 13 - Teams top scorer

Assists - 7 - Second most assists in squad

Average Rating - 7.39 - Sixth best player

Should You Be Terrified?

This test might not have caught the eye but Griggs' has shown he's more than capable of being a threat. Wigan had a poor season and Griggs was often on the bench when I checked in on them during the holidaying but he contributed a lot in the matches he did play. Is he a player you should look to sign? I think if the price is right he could be a worthy addition to many a lower level side so make sure you keep him in mind. 

Hopefully you enjoyed the read and please remember to leave a comment as I'd love to hear your experiences, views and opinions.

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4 hours ago, UKFootballScore said:

It chant really is epic 

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na 

Good sim mate 

It is very catchy! 

3 hours ago, ZenithStriker said:

I love simulations! Kinda surprised that his value went down.

So was I, not sure why it did tbh. I'm assuming it's due to lack of playing time and maybe due to another year down on his contract but who knows lol. 

Thanks for the comments

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