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Challenges The Soccer Aid Challenge


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The Soccer Aid Challenge

Like many around the country I'm currently watching Soccer Aid which gave me an idea for a new challenge which you are now reading. Soccer Aid is a charity match which sees England vs The Rest Of The World and the teams contain a handful of legends and celebrities. I've managed to twist this idea into one which I think will work in game so here we go. 

How To Play

1. Select which team you will represent, either ROTW or England. If you select England you can only use English players while the ROTW can use anyone who's not English. 

2. You now have to build a squad of 22. This 22 must consist of 14 celebrities and 8 legends while having at least one keeper of each. 

A) Celebrities can be whoever you like as long as they match your teams theme. 

B) None can be above semi pro however. 

Your eight legendaries are split as follows:

A) 4 have to be legends not on the game which you can create as you wish.

B) The last four have to be players you've scrapbooked from a day one save. 

As I said you have to have at least one celebrity keeper and one legend keeper. 

You now build your squad via Myclub. Your stadium size can't be more than thirty thousand and your reputation can't be more than national. Use common sense to make it reasonable for the league and challenge you're after. 

Challenge Rules

1. Follow everything above.

2. Your legend keeper always plays the first half with your celebrity keeper playing the second (unless injuries prevent this). 

3. Screenshot evidence will be required. I'd suggest posting a career thread for us to follow. 

4. Any league is fine. 

5. No more than 4 outfield legends on the field of play at the same time. 

6. Own formations only

7. No cheating or editor use

Aim Of The Challenge?

The aim is mainly to have fun while abusing some of the lesser used features of the game. For those of you who want a target however I'll say play a season and we can see who did the best etc. 

Hopefully you like the idea and as always I'd love to hear your opinions, if you have any questions etc just ask. If you're interested in donating to the charity behind this idea i'd suggest using Google to find what you needed.


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