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Chat Vardy at Arsenal Simulation

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Hey guys what's up!


I am Simulating a season at Arsenal for Jamie Vardy! Will he make an impact and fire them to a first League Title for ages??


Hes looking great and I personally think he'll be a random signing for The Gunners if it does go ahead as he's no spring chicken so will lose pace soon and I'd predict a poor season for him if it happened IRL but this is FMM so anything can happen and it usually does 

Half Season Update 

I've hit 1st January and he's NOT SCORED A SINGLE GOAL!!!!


Only played 6 games and most from the bench I'd say as that's where they have him on the squad and now he's not even on the 18 selected for games!! Shocking stuff but will it get going on the second half of the season??

Find out soon…

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Nice work mate I like your interesting simulations and I can't wait to see how this ends

Poor Vardy Goes from Premier League Silver Boot to a fringe player and if this happens in real life that's £20million down the drain and yet another misfiring striker in Arsenal's ranks

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Vardy is excellent I the Leicester team but in a team like Arsenal he won't do much.

Leicester players know him and he knows them that's why he's been so good for them.

He should see out his playing career where he is.

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Yeah I agree I don't think this deal should happen and I have a feeling Vardy will end up staying

If FMM is anything to go by then he should haha

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Got a few more sims to come aswell including What would have happened of Benitez had a whole season, Conte at Chelsea, Anncelotti at Bayern, Guardiola at City

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Right then here is the END OF SEASON UPDATE!


Has he played more games or was he just a £20,000,000 flop??







Yep 10 games and that's it chaps! 

Not convinced he even had a start to be honest! Shocking stuff!

Now as an extra I also Simmed Granit Xhakas first season at Arsenal and the story continues I'm afraid 



Ok then so he gets just 2 appearances!!!

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Very disappointing performances from both of them. Worth keeping in mind they'll likely have better CA/PA on 2017 but still a disappointing test. 

Nice work :) 

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