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Chat Ibrahimovic and Mourinho at Man United Simulation

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Hey guys! 

I'm here again with another transfer rumour simulation and this time it is the big man Ibrahimovic and Mourinho as per the title 


He is apparently very close to a move to Old Trafford so we'll see how he does in his first season at Manchester United! 


And Jose has of course become manager at the Manchester Club



Half Season Update 


Ibra has settled in rather well I'd say scoring a healthy amount of goals in the process and I made them lose in the Champions League play off to sim them in the Europa League for this coming season! 


18 goals scored with most coming in the EL so how much of an indication is that for his season at United? Maybe he isn't playing as much in the BPL as a starter? 7 in 18 appearances isn't amazing and certainly isn't to the Zlatan standard!

As for the teams performance it's over to Jose Mourinho! 

Who did he sign as boss then…


Other than Zlatan only Vierinha comes in…

As I said I reloaded until they lost the CL playoff which was the 3rd time to Sim them in the EL aswell.


Finished top of the group with 2 defeats in a pretty poor league so not great but at least they are through to the knockout round.


Currently sitting 2nd which is decent tbh so what will become of the season at the end?

End of the season coming soon……

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Nice job but poor Zlatan. Obviously Jose didn't keep his promise to Zlatan about his role in the team. Looks like an injured Zlatan wouldn't be serious if United did lose him

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Yeah that's the feeling I got that they wouldn't miss him much tbh not loads of difference really lots of goals in EL but that's easier of course 

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For an AI save I think that's solid going, my only worry is the second half will consist of harder games so he might not hit the hieghts I was expecting. Should break 30 though which is outstanding for any striker in England. 

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End Of Season Update Fellas


We'll start with Zlatan again and see if he improved his ratio or did he suffer from less Europa League games in which he was scoring regularly.


Well well well, it's got to be said that is poor from the Big Swede! 23 goals with 11 coming from the Europa League! I'm sure this would be seen as a failure if he did indeed sign on the dotted line but could a League Title or European Trophy help things? 


That's where Jose comes back into the action, with no more signings from the Special One, let's start with the Europa League


WOW that is some collapse!! 3-0 winners in the first leg but lose 4-0 in that 2nd Leg and crash out! Just one goal would have finished that game really, what the hell happened there!

How about the FA Cup and Capital One Cup then they mist have done alright in that…


Third Round exit of the FA Cup! Defeat to Spurs leaves United out at the first hurdle of the legendary cup competition! 


Harsh 4-3 defeat to Chelsea and a harsh draw yet again for the Red Devils after drawing Tottenham and Chelsea away in early rounds of both cups but ultimately will be disappointed with the result for sure 

Onto the Premier League! How could this unfold I wonder will Mourinho guide Manchester United to a League Title without the distraction of cup football??

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Just realised I forgot to add in the premier league section but I got a plan for doing a manager version separate so I'll save the final results for that

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