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Challenges The Hazardous Legacy

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The Hazardous Legacy
This is a career that will be about getting Kylian Hazard, Eden Hazard’s youngest brother, to either Edens’s height or to following on in Thorgans footsteps but winning a few personal award and league titles along the way.
How To Play
1.    Take charge of a French team in the Ligue 1 and keep Kylian there for 5 seasons winning at least 1 YPOTY and 1 POTY
2.    Next I will need to take charge of a English team, preferably Chelsea, and take Kylian with me
3.    Whilst managing the new team I will have to win the Premier League once and Kylian will have to win YPOTY and POTY in the first 4 seasons
4.    If this happens then the challenge is finished
5.    If this doesn’t happen then I will have to take charge of a team in the German Bundesliga and take Kylian with me
6.    Finally I will have to at least win the league and have Kylian win the POTY year award
•    Own formations only.
•    No cheats or unlockables allowed.
•    A career thread for us to follow is advised.
•    Photo evidence is needed.
•    No MyClub or created players
•    The most important rule is to have fun
Good luck!


image.png.c7344e2c3a10592f3ffe5720d60269You may see a lost cause but I see a work in progress.


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What's the age limit for YPOTY on FMM? By time he's in England he'll be 24/25. 

Not sure he's up to the challenge tbh, has potential but getting the player awards will take some doing, especially if his stamina stays awful. Can't shoot, can't head the ball, can't run for long and isn't that creative so I'm really not sure how he'll catch the eye in two of the biggest leagues going. 

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