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Tactics EME 3-2-1-2-2 counter attack


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I decided to do something I had never done before  so I set out to create a counter attacking tactic.

My first idea was that the team should have an abundance of pace. Thus I tested this tactic with arsenal.

The tactic

This is the formation and roles I choseScreenshot_2016-06-13-19-34-33.thumb.png

The idea with the defense was to have one limited holding the fort as a sort of pseudo-sweeper tackling and clearing the ball as the wing backs fly up and down the flanks.

To combat the seriously undermanned defensive line I put two ball winning midfielders in front of my sole centre-half. This would serve to break up play in front of my defender.

So defense sorted I moved onto the attack. Obviously I needed a creative player so I settled on an advanced playmaker running the game dead centre of the park. He will spray balls out to my four attackers and the Wong backs whilst also getting into attacking positions himself when needed.

My two inside forwards are there to cut inside when the wing backs charge forward giving plenty of attacking threats.

The poacher is pretty self explanatory and the trequartista can float around picking up the ball in attacking areas and just being a general menace.

Team instructions are as follows.


I chose balanced as I decided my team is attacking enough as it stands. Mixed passing to get the ball forward however is seen fit. Long goalkeeper distribution because I don't want my lone defender caught in posession. And obviously counter attacking is the main point of my tactic.

The Results



So all in all a pretty successful season using this tactic. Plenty of goals shared around but most from my trequartista of choice, with Özil getting lots of assists from midfield.

I almost feel like arsenal is like a cheat code with their depth of attacking talent. Next I will try it with a lesser team.

All testers welcome.


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Thanks guys. I've tested it in the Italian league with Frosinone. But of a mixed bag but I expected a major struggle with the defensive nature of many Italian sides and the fact that I was using relegation candidates.Screenshot_2016-06-14-21-10-43.thumb.png

Took 4 points of Juventus though so that's a bonus.

Thinking of testing a French team next. Suggestions?

@ZenithStriker feel free to test it, I'd like the feedback

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@Mikee1984 how small a team are you thinking? I've got a bounmouth save in the pipeline and Frosinone was a bit of a bust. Lyon are a bigger team thats looking good right now too, I dare say leverkusen would work as well but for lower division teams I think it'll work as long as most of the team have 14+ pace

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@kts365Hey I think Leicester or Newcastle could be a decent test mate, and with it being a counter attacking tactic I think Leicester would defo utilise your tactic well. 

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Well Lyon was a bust. The strikers and IF did not want to score and the defense was leakier than the roof in a Glasweigan bedsit. Got sacked in January.

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