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Help Primary Attackers and Outlet


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Do people set primary outlet and attacker and if so what have you noticed. Does it affect the game? Does it only work for certain roles (attacker)?

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My experience with this is quite simple: Everyone on the team do their best to pass the ball on all options to the main attacker. It does change the perspective of the game if the attacker scores and it also can limit the team members on your team's ability to score too. The main outlet is the one that will most likely try to create all the opportunities for the attacker; this as the primary attacker has its pros and cons...so choose these guys wisely.

My inference is that the primary attackers and outlets are pre selected based on stats.

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I have never used primary or attacking outlets thinking it ruined my tactic however after reading this I decided to give it a try. Here was my first game with Horta and Rui Pedro as my outlets.

Not bad eh and in a must win game aswell I might consider implementing this into my tactic in the future.


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