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image.thumb.png.70ea44a9ee078daadd77dfb6Does anyone know why this is happening? It says that I've played two games when I've just started the career and when I press the score to see who scored it doesn't come up.

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Not content with one I've managed to find another bug.image.thumb.png.622109a104396e80fe52597eAs you can see Sakho manages to score 4 goals and gets a unsurprising 10 rating but when I go to his Form tab this is what it shows.

image.thumb.png.239a233009d1d2616e0fa5c9It shows that he did get 4 goals in the graph in the row below it, it shows that he got 0 goals and a 7 rating plus the fact that it shows that he got substituted which he didn't.

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