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Career Real Random's Attempt at the Double Trouble Challenge

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Hi all I'm back with another challenge attempt and have decided to test my luck and do the double trouble challenge

According to the original challenge (here http://vibe.community/forums/topic/14605-double-trouble-can-your-deadly-duo-bang-in-1200/?page=1) no one has used a Regen to complete this challenge (please correct me if I'm wrong I was reading the leaderboard and it said no one had a result for the Regen category) so I have decided to use one real player and one Regen. The danger of this method is that the Regen can come back at any age and I will need to hope I get a young one early in the career.

My players shall be

Luka Jovic


Francisco Javier Tomas (Diego Forlan)


Season 1&2 will be posted soon

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Season 1&2 

Due to the fact I started this career before I joined Vibe I don't have all the photos but I can show the important stuff


In Season 1 We finished a disappointing 3rd but in our second season we claimed the Eredivise 



In our first season there was no European competition to worry about but in the second season we had the Euro Cup and we finished runner up


Dutch Cup

Won across both seasons


Dutch Super Cup

Only won in second season


The Forward Pack

Luka Jovic 

Scored 64 goals over the two seasons


image.thumb.png.4378a24de0456bd1e780eb64Francisco Javier Tomas

Scored 44 goals in his first season


Luka Jovic Total 64 Goals

Fransisco Javier Tomas Total 44 Goals

Double Trouble Total 108 Goals

1092 Goals Left




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59 minutes ago, Risheek said:

Good luck. You're.going nicely but bigger numbers are needed. 40-50 each is more like it. KIU

Thanks for the support. I am worried about the Numbers but my strikers are young hopefully they improve with age

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Season 3

Welcome to Season 3 of my double trouble attempt

Transfers & Team Lineupimage.thumb.png.ccc9dc5d40660c9c9e747042



Dutch Super Cup


Dutch Cup


Champions League


A bitter loss to Man U who went on to win the competition 


Other Awards


My Forward Pack

Luka Jovic 40 Goals image.thumb.png.527f0cfa7462414eb6dd263cimage.thumb.png.e693e6cd5c45390d00f92e6b

Francisco Javier Tomas (Diego Forlan) 40 Goals


A bit of a disappointing return compared to last season but I feel this career is now viable now that I've proved both can make the 40 goal benchmark

Luka Jovic Total 104 Goals

Francisco Javier Tomas Total 84 Goals

Double Trouble Total 188 Goals

Goals Remaining 1012

So with just over 1000 Goals remaining my Forward Pack better start improving or this challenge will be impossible. The math says I need to start averaging 50 goals a season each to make this possible (Tomas has about 10 more seasons in him and will need every one of them to make this possible.

Thanks for reading




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Season 4



image.thumb.png.8c5f80f4b6fc408f421f6982Dutch Super Cup




Dutch Cup


Euro Cup




Other Awards



The Forward Pack

Luka Jovic



40 goals is ok

Francisco Javier Tomas


43 is good

Luka Jovic Total 145 Goals

Francisco Javier Tomas Total 127 Goals

Double Trouble Total 272 Goals

Goals Remaining 928 Goals

I really need to pick up this total if I'm to complete this challenge

Thanks for Reading






Edited by Real_Random
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16 minutes ago, Risheek said:

Like you know, you need to pick it up. 272 in 4 Seasons isn't the best, pick it up. I know you can do it! :) 

Thanks mate. Let's hope that my young strikers can mature quickly

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