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Chat What team should I be?


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So,you guys might(or may not) know me from my real Oviedo and my SAF stories that are currently going on in the forum,but tbh both of them are turning out to be hard,so I looking for a fun save to unwind,I will also be posting them here on vibe,so I thought why not give you the chance to choose the club I am going to manage,below are the list of club that I am likely to manage:

  1. BMG
  2. Schalke
  3. Wolfsburg
  4. Southampton
  5. Napoli
  6. Lazio
  7. West Ham
  8. Tottenham
  9. Leverkusen
  10. Newcastle

The deadline will be 6:00 pm today, sorry for the short time but I need to plan from now to keep all of my careers in check,if there's not any votes ,I will be choosing a club that's not on the list but nevertheless an interesting one.

Please comment your choice of club

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9 minutes ago, Taff said:

I'd go with Leverkusen a good batch of youngsters and it's always fun watching people de-throne Buy Everything Munich

Hahaha,Well I myself was contemplating it,they have decent transfer budget,and I am a fan of Hernandez(despite hating united),anyway let's see....

Thanks for casting your vote,mate.

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I forgot to mention the fact that the deadline is on IST time,so Actually there is only one hour left,come on guys,I know you guys are there,so keep voting.

Leading team:Leverkusen.

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7 minutes ago, Real_Random said:

I agree with Taff. Leverkusen look great this year. Good luck keeping a hold of Kramer 

P.S This is a vote for Leverkusen 

Well, looks like a winner is emerging, thanks for the vote @Real_Random

Also I would like to announce that since I am going to the barber's the deadline will be extended for another hour, so keep voting guys.                                           

Leading team:Leverkusen 

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Leverkusen no doubt, a class team, surprised at how they're not doing that well IRL. The transfer Budget helps as well, at least to me. Love me my youth :) 

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