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Help Bosman Bug

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I'm confused as I read in manual any players 24 yr old and under can be signed for free as long as the team signing player pays a fee/compensation to old team. 

Wondering if it's a bug or I'm missing something as I've had many players 24 and under contracts run out and they sign with other clubs when I check up on them a couple weeks later yet I never get any compensation/fee msg or addition to finances. But when I try to sign under 24 cpu free agents they always have a fee included with contract that says I must pay previous club in addition to contract terms.. 

LMK thx

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Hey mate. When your players left had they left the club. What I mean did you get mail saying that "[Player] has been out of contact for sometime and has left to find himself a new club". When a player still has a club they will demand compensation but when they've left the club won't receive compensation.

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Ok I think they might have left the club , didn't know that would cancel the compensation . I'm playing in England now. 


Thx for the help 

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