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Challenges #1 Challenge

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This is the #1 challenge where your main aim is to become the world's  best manager at club and international  level


1. No use of any sort of unlockable 

2. No reloading  of a save

3. Four nations must be loaded

4. Follow the instructions  bellow

 . Within the four nations all must be European

 . Start unemployed

 . Do not apply for a job until the 1st of October  

 . Your cannot leave the nation of your current club until you have won every available  top flight  trophy for that nation  

 . You can also resign

 . Move from nation to nation until you have won every available  top flight  trophy available  

You must also win these trophies  

1. Champions  League  

2. Euro cup


4. European  super cup

5. World cup

6. Club world championship


Please post end of season results and  trophies  cabinet if atempting this challenge

If you choose to accept it

when resigning you must give a reason

you can start with any coaching badge

your nationality should also be eurpoean

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I'm doing this now...

Loaded leagues:Germany (w/3rd division), Spain, Italy and England

-I have named my coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær from Norway

-He has been sacked from Molde FK (might happen IRL...??), and he's looking to redeem himself and show the world that he has what it takes. 

-After a little vacation time (3months), it's time to head down to Germany in search for a new job...


Will repport back when a job is found

(hope this was okay?)





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I have a job: Dresden

-After 1/3 off the season, they find themselves in the relegation zone, the board expects me to help them into a more respectable position. 

Repports back at seasons end with results...?




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