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Tactics Juego de Posición EME


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3-2-3-2* averages around 60% possession a game with a passing accuracy of 82% + not entirely sure what else to add so I'll let the pictures do the talking.


fmm vibe 001.png

fmm vibe 002.png

fmm vibe 003.png

fmm vibe 004.png

fmm vibe 005.png

fmm vibe 006.png

fmm vibe 007.png

fmm vibe 008.png

fmm vibe 010.png

fmm vibe 011.png

fmm vibe 013.png

fmm vibe 014.png

fmm vibe 015.png

fmm vibe 018.png

fmm vibe 019.png

fmm vibe 024.png

fmm vibe 026.png

fmm vibe 027.png

fmm vibe 028.png

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Hi the tactic looks to work well. One thing though is that i find arsenal are likena tactic cheat code almost anything works with them especially attacking tactics. Id like to see how it goes with a smaller team

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