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Career Le Havre FC


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Le Havre Career

Hello everyone! Today I will be introducing the beginning of my Le Havre story.

I will be setting myself a few goals for me to pursue. This is going to be by far my hardest career on FM16, I don't play this game often and I will need the help of all you Vibe members. I will need suggestions and opinions on who I should sign, which formations I should use, and so on.



Win Ligue 2

Win Ligue 1

Bring back players such as Payet, Paul Pogba, Riyad Mahrez, Diarra, and Steve Mandanda.

Become the best team in France

Reach the round of 16 in the UCL

Win all french trophies




Le Havre is currently in the Ligue 2, they are well known for creating crazy players like the ones I listed above. Le Havre has attended the Ligue 1, 24 times, and have never won (the last time in 2008-2009 season). They have won the Coupe de france ONCE in 1959.



SM CAEN and Lens


I am not going to be using any unlockables, I will use the Original Match Engine.IMG_1610.thumb.PNG.cadac597591853539ce02



The journey begins! Follow to stay updated!

(anyone know how to make the pics smaller?)



Looks like the midfield is our weakest area? This is where I need your help. Who should I sign?


They have given us a transfer budget of 325K and a wage budget of 152.24K. I'm going to have to sell some players to pull up that wage budget.IMG_1614.thumb.PNG.20a7d845d6830ccbe5326

What formation and tactics would work with this team? This is the current 4-1-2-2-1 formation.


STAY TUNED! Please leave all of your suggestions, it really helps me. 

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22 minutes ago, Jervon Esprit said:

i want to see this 


Thank you so much!!! It really motivates me to continue this when I see comments like these :D

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I decided not to buy anyone due to our empty transfer budget and our very low wage budget. I then loaned out two promising players.



Amazing performance so far, we are at the top of the table with 35 points. It's now a competition between us and AS Nancy for the 1st place position. 


Here is the statistics so far.  Our top scorer is the amazing Gimbert, 11 goals this season is outstanding and he is leading us all the way to the top. Mazala our right winger is always creating goals, and has a total of 6 assists so far. Chebake is the top performer with an average rating of 7.75.


This is Gimbert, our top scorer.


Yes.... Somehow, we were able to reach the SEMIFINAL of the Coupe de la ligue! We got lucky in beating ST. ETTIENE, and im so sure we can beat Tours FC and reach the final. Although, I am aware the final will not be easy, AS Monaco and LOSC Lille are one of the few best teams in Ligue 1.


For the french cup, we are still partaking in it, but there is still a long ways to go.


This is the only monthly award we have received, and it is for my midfielder, Fontaine.



This is a player im looking forward to in the future. He has the potential to become a great player, and I will try to create him into a BEAST.


That's all for now! Follow if you are enjoying this so far, and stay tuned for the next update :)


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6 hours ago, Jervon Esprit said:

Nice start mate can't wait for more updates

Thanks for the feedback

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I am so excited to let all of you know that we have been promoted to the Ligue 1! It was extremely difficult, but I managed to get a few lucky wins here and there, and we won the league!


For the coupe de la ligue....


We easily beat Tours FC 2-0, and move onto the finals. IMG_1689.thumb.PNG.eeb868c2992c821c7ad46

AS Monaco stood no chance against us! We unexpectedly win 2-0, and win the Coupe De La Ligue!

After wining the league and the Coupe De La Ligue, we still had the French cup to go..IMG_1684.thumb.PNG.fdd536cb64389728a7388

Paris Saint Germain was our next opponent, at this moment, I did not know what to think. I tweaked up my formation, and put my best players in, I prayed and prayed for a win...


Sadly, we lose 3-1. A bad game for my team, but we will not give up. PSG is the best team in France, and one of the best teams in the world, I should be happy I scored.:unamused:


Despite the French cup loss, we were getting major awards. Gimbert gets the Ligue 2 player of the year award, and my young talent Mousset wins the Ligue 2 young player of the year award.


And I.... Got an Accolade.


Here is the player records for you guys.


My favorite player this season had to be Gimbert, scoring 32 goals in 47 games, without him, we wouldn't have done the things we've done.

YES, I will be playing him for next season, I will no way look for a replacement for him.IMG_1696.thumb.PNG.148622cd570ae59a94467

Season has come to an end...


Season 2:


ALRIGHT EVERYONE! Season 2 has begun and WOW! We went from broke, to rich! The board has given us 6.75M! And our wage budget is perfect!IMG_1697.thumb.PNG.9f71d39252066271ee5eb

The board wants us to battle bravely against relegation this season, but I know we can do better than that. I will try as hard as I can to get continental qualification, yes it seems impossible with Le Havre, but if I play my cards right, I can do it.


That's it for this update! Stay tuned and follow, I will be updating very soon with the transfers (if I decide to sign anyone) and all the other good stuff. Remember to leave all your suggestions and tips, they will help me alot!


Edited by Kumail
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unbeliveable (stay that slowly) 

un the other side great season i think the money mainly came from your unbeliveable (stay that slowly)  cup success 

this is now the main thing i read on vibe and my story\

great job aim higher 

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3 hours ago, Jervon Esprit said:

unbeliveable (stay that slowly) 

un the other side great season i think the money mainly came from your unbeliveable (stay that slowly)  cup success 

this is now the main thing i read on vibe and my story\

great job aim higher 

Thank you for the kind words!

5 hours ago, Real_Random said:

What a great season  mate. Bit of a hopeful objective. Good luck


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Hey guys! Here's a small update on the start of season 2!


Alright, so I decided to sell two of my players, Bonnet and Cambon, they don't really get much playing time for me so I might as well sell them and make some big money. After selling those two I had around 10.75M, which was more than enough to strengthen my team. I decided to take Chelsea's young star Charly Musonda on loan, and he has been pretty decent so far.



After signing the young star, I decided to bring in a new striker... Yes, I know I said I wont be replacing Gimbert, but he has been awful. He has not scored a goal this whole season. I'm not sure what happened, but I can't let that stop me from achieving my goals, so I decided to sign Aboubakar Kamara.



I know he's from the ligue 2, but I saw that he had scored 7 goals in 5 games for Amiens in the beginning of the season, so I had to pick him up. The board were not happy with the signing, saying it was a "poor" transfer. I don't agree with them, and neither do Kamara's goals.



So, for the ligue 1:


We started off playing like trash. In the 3 games we played, not 1 win. Keep in mind this is BEFORE we signed Kamara.


After we sign Kamara, and I give him some playing time, we go up to 10th place, and now I feel motivated to continue on.

But I'm not so sure I can reach continental qualification...


After drawing with Malaga 3-3, I surpassed the playoffs and i'm now in the Europa League!


Thats it for this update! If you are enjoying please follow and stay tuned!

Also don't forget to leave your tips and suggestions!!


Edited by Kumail
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Good start for the second season. You may want to search for some quality Regens  such as Ibrahimovic's, Xavi's or Eto'o for example to boost your squads

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16 hours ago, Real_Random said:

Good start for the second season. You may want to search for some quality Regens  such as Ibrahimovic's, Xavi's or Eto'o for example to boost your squads

I'm kind of new to the game, so I really am not sure how to find regens

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Hey everyone. I just wanted to announce that I am going to be putting this story on hold. After what happened today in Nice, I can't focus on football manager. Thank you for the support on this story!

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Hi, I have literally just come across this and I am really looking forward to following this.

Given what has happened in Nice I don't blame you at all for concentrating on more important matters!

We in Northern Ireland support you 100% given the atrocities France have experienced of late!

Stay strong and God bless everyone affected! 

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