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Chat Best players I've signed


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I use fm16 mobile on my tablet. I use West Ham United and I only play two or three seasons then start again, I get bored too easily especially when it's so easy to win everything. 


I always Carlos Tevez for around 15m and after the season is over he is easily scoring 25/30 goals especially with the extra ganes West Ham have in the first season with the Europa league qualifiers. By the end of the season his value is 55/60m.

John Stones is a great signing, around 25/30m but as soon as you sign him his value shoots up to about 38m, by the end of the season he is worth nearly 50m.

If you don't sign Tevez or want a decent back up when you play two up top, Defoe is great value for money. 8 million but works brilliant alongside Andy Carroll up top, they both get an amazing goal ratio alongside eachother especially with Payet and Lanzini in midfield. 

Recently I've stopped signing these players that I know deliver to my team and started signing a few new players, I've not finished the season yet but so far, so good with Caceres for 13m from Juventus, ashley Fletcher from Manchester United for 2m (good player to play in the early European games and cup games), Rico Henry from wallsall for 3m if I remember correctly who is great back up your left back is injured, my left is always Cresswell but Rico is great to bring on when I'm two or more goals up to save Cresswell from getting too fatigued.


Hopefully this would have helped someone out. I've probably left some one out, if I have then I'll post any updates.

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Some of my favourite players that I've enjoyed using in my most recent game who aren't too expensive for a decent sized club are:

Rodrigo Bentancur13702510_1083595448368367_594994566_o.th

Joseph Dodoo13702551_1083595475035031_540234907_o.th

Nikola Vukcevic13709604_1083595481701697_882771625_o.th

Florin Andone13663471_1083595461701699_1490186745_o.t

All of them have pretty decent stats by the end of the first season as well as okay values

Looking forward to seeing what you think!

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Here are some players i often buy.


Great stats, goal scoring machine and if you're lucky he can be bought for around £9m


Doesn't look much but he is a cheap dependable cb or cdm and develops quite nicely


I buy this guy whenever i can. Solid defensive stats and can be picked up for under £200k


Develops into a solid winger/inside forward


And finally diogo jota is a goal machine from that left wing as an inside forward. A little development and the big clubs always come knocking your door down  with £30m+ bids

Can be bought for around £8m

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Can be a bit on the pricey side at £10-£15 million, but he becomes the best centre back in the world so well worth it. Pictured here on my Marseille save where he starts in games (hence the low wage)

Always seems to stay in his prime till in his 30's too but I don't seem to have a screenie ?

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When I started my current save I started out with Wycombe Wanderers and built it up to win the Premier League. But as I cruised League 2, 1 and the Championship I came across Clermont Foot 63 right before I was about to tackle the Prem and joined Clermont. Now in Wycombe just one season before i left I had 2 English youngsters that were fit to be developed they were young though and got like 10 to 15 times substitute playtime. Then I left to Clermont not signing any player from my former club (the golden rule). But then I looked at Wycombes transferlist because it popped up they bought a player for a load of cash and I left the team brimming with stars so wanted to see whats up with that? And saw.... Nathan Wolfenden transfered to Stoke...image.thumb.jpeg.b4a21ec765992e16eb8ef47FOR FREE!!! Why???

I never managed Stoke so I bought him and as it turned out a quality buy!!!image.thumb.jpeg.dfa6f6244061778e18925f3

As seen in the first screen 29 games played 18 goals and 2 assist very decent for a player not even in his prime.

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