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Tactics I.D.'ing Regens


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Several community members have asked about finding and identifying Regen players, but i have yet to see a definitive answer to either question. Does anyone have ideas, opinions or experiences that might shed some light on the subject?

An example:

Who might this guy be? (note that it is 2025 in my footballverse)IMG_0229.thumb.PNG.d993f8e258d7c9e6931bd

Assistant says he has "key player" potential and since i started playing him regularly, he is netting at least one per match (10 in 8 appearances).

Is he a regen? Rooney, perhaps? or just another nascent superstar? What do you think?

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I posted just the other day asking about the same thing, and have had one reply confirming my original thoughts but not much else.

Could do with a good guide from one of the more experienced members of the community or just sharing some of their knowledge.

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there should be a theme about regens - did you look there :)?

but yes he looks like a regen - who he is i have no clue - when did Rooney resign in your game?

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There are some good threads in the help section for regens, a good way is to scout the top players ie Messi, Ronaldo etc then you will be informed of when they retire, then give it three months and look for young (not too young I've seen regens come back at 24-25) players of that nationality then see how long they have been with their club (if they only started that season chances are their a regen (especially if like i said they are in their 20's already)

A solid (but costly) option is to purchase the in game editor then find a player and they will show their true potential ie world class

Hope this helped a little 

could he be Welbecks regen (has he retired in your game?)

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