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Chat Simulating Liverpool's 4 year future


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After taking over one of the most supported clubs in the world,Jurgen Klopp has promised to win the league within,of course the first season was a disaster and Liverpool are not in any continental competition this year,but I wanted to give another chance to Klopp so I ran a simulation in fmm to see whether Liverpool would find glory or not.

Season 1: 

After taking the reins at Anfield,Klopp decided to keep quiet in the transfer market.He used a strange 4-4-2 diamond which did not fit the key players at the club 


They had a decent start to the season and managed to hold on to the 4th place,but It all went downhill after a bad form resulted in this:


with their manager sacked the team went into a rut and lost the next 3 games heavily,this how the table looked after the sacking:


But once again Anfield rejoiced as Carlo Ancelloti was appointed,he certainly had a greater experience than Klopp,after taking over,he immediately installed a simple 4-2-2 into the club.


Unfortunately, even his experience couldn't help the club as it finished in the tenth place.

Cup wise,again Liverpool had a poor season going out in the early stages of both the domestic cups and despite finishing first in its Europa group the club went out feebly to Napoli.And Anfield got yet another shock as countinho decided enough was enough and went to City for the huge fee of 35.4 million,and so the horror season finally ended.

Could Ancelloti revive the club next season???

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This looks good. Can't wait for the next update. Amazing how Klopp got fired in game even though he has a contract to 2022 IRL. Keep up the great work

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Season 2:

After a horrible season Ancelloti looked to improve the club and turned to his homecountry to make two great signings in the form of Chochev and Quainson who arrived from Palermo,he also let Allen go to Newcastle,and loaned out Grujic and more surprisingly Can who went to Sunderland.


Though he spent hugely on the above mentioned incomings,the latter one who was also the less expensive one was installed straight into the team while the former was left out.

The club had a really great first half and at the start of january this is how the table looked


With the club in the sixth place,Ancelloti decided not to make any signings to the team.

Cup wise,both the domestic cups were yet again a failure as the club once again went out in the early stages,so Ancelloti turned his whole attention to the league,so it was not a big surprise when Liverpool finished in the fifth place.

Could Ancelloti bring glory to Anfield next season???

Sorry for the lack of pictures guys but I have never done simulation posts so its kinda new for me 

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17 hours ago, Real_Random said:

Still no success around Anfield Road. Hopefully Ancelotti can pick it up next season

A bit hard to swallow for you liverpool fans out there,the 3rd season has seen some unexpected twists and turns.

2 hours ago, Plzdunhurtme said:

From what i know klopp wouldn't use 442 diamond. Just no

Stranger things have been known to happen in fmm,mate.

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6 hours ago, Harish said:

A bit hard to swallow for you liverpool fans out there,the 3rd season has seen some unexpected twists and turns.

Stranger things have been known to happen in fmm,mate.

The suspense is building

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